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Monday, July 23, 2018


A fantastic day. Wall to wall sunshine and temperatures hovering around the 30C mark. The house has been opened up front and back and the blinds drawn to keep it cool. This has worked well and it's quite comfortable inside.

The morning was focused on domestic chores. The most important one of these was to take a car load of boxes and things down to the dump. As he was in the right area of the town he stopped in to Wickes to look at the timber that he needed for Urban-Cub's window seat. That's where it all went a bit wrong. The sizes (dimensions) of the timber advertised on the web are not available in our local store and the Gorse Fox would have to go to Havant to get them (but their stock was insufficient for his requirement).

Plan B kicked in. The Gorse Fox headed to Travis Perkins and looked at what they had. Returning home he headed for the study. This required a bit of a rethink. It happens that in most cases there was only a millimetre different - that would not be a problem. Having determined that swapping supplier was feasible the Gorse Fox priced it all up. He won't order it until tomorrow or Wednesday as he has to be around when it is delivered.

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