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Friday, November 30, 2018


What a gorgeous day. It's wall to wall blue sky today and despite the clear air, it's quite warm.

The Gorse Fox wasted a lot time this morning. He has mentioned before that you can only cancel your Vodafone contract by calling them on 191. They clearly hope that you'll just give up the will to cancel or die of old age as you wait, and wait, and wait, and wait to be put through to the cancellation and retention team. In fact the Gorse Fox was on hold for over an hour before "Gaz" condescended to answer the phone. We then got about 30 minutes of reasons why we should stay with Vodafone. The Gorse Fox thinks the bell finally rung when the conversation turned like this:

"You have 9 years of loyalty points. We can do you a really good deal" said Gaz. He then quoted some prices and some data allowances (which weren't actually as good as the deal he already has arranged with BT).

The Gorse Fox was getting a little narked by now. "Gaz, you don't seem to realise that loyalty works both ways. Yes we have been loyal to Vodafone, but you have consistently overcharged us - if you hadn't you could afford the deals you have just offered. Loyalty works both ways and you have just exploited us."

There was a lot of spluttering at the end of the phone, some apologies, and then Gaz conceded defeat. Contract is now in it's termination period. The Gorse Fox did wonder whether it was worth invoicing Vodafone for the 90 minutes of his life that he'll never recover.

Talking of termination periods, Urban-Cub interviewed a new child minder for Ellie this afternoon. She is just a few minutes down the road from their home and it all seemed to go very well. We're very  pleased as this takes the worry away from Urban-Cub and Pistol Pete (as the current child minder has given notice). The Gorse Fox will have to start a new childcare spreadsheet!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

A quiet one

Thursday has been a quiet one. The Gorse Fox was up early and spent some time reading the news and catching up with some limited social media. He has learnt that social media is, in general, a vacuous, vitriolic source of information and has limited himself to Facebook only, now. Even there he skips many of the posts entirely knowing that they are just click-bait, or they are anti-science propaganda, or party political in nature. The problem with social media is that it has given every half-wit and moron a megaphone through which they can publicise their ignorance, their bigotry, and their utter stupidity. The problem with the democratisation of information is that we are now wading around, knee-deep in a cesspool of ignorance and it's very hard to find the nuggets of intelligence that occasionally surface. The irony that the Gorse Fox is making such a statement on, what is after all, a social media platform is not lost on him.

After our normal Thursday morning shopping delivery we hopped on the bus and went to Chichester. We didn't have a lot to do, but the Gorse Fox thought he'd take the opportunity to drop into Vodafone to terminate the Silver Vixen's current service. Needless to say that was only something that could be done on the phone, so we wandered away unfulfilled.

Back home we called Vodafone. We were transferred to their cancellations team - or at least that's what we were told. When the phone was answered it turned out to be the upgrades team. The Gorse Fox explained he wished to cancel and was told they are only taking queries right now because they are so busy. Phone back later or tomorrow. Strange how the upgrades department got the call. The Gorse Fox suspects that if he was upgrading it would have been handled immediately.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

All Aboard

Well that was fun. The Gorse Fox skipped football and the Silver Vixen skipped Pilates today. The weather absolutely foul, but we had an appointment in Southampton. We headed out into the mist and swirling rain and drove across the coast and found our way to Dock Gate 10 (almost opposite IKEA). We parked up and checked in to the Mayflower Cruise Terminal.

About 40 minutes later we were escorted, along with a hundred or more other visitors, onto the P&O ship Aurora. We were split into small tour groups. Our group had 8 people and we were led by an experienced cruise veteran. Each group was taken in a different zig-zag path round the ship so that we didn't clash too much.

We started with a view of some of the main public spaces - the atrium, the shops, the theatre, the cinema, the casino, the art gallery, the lounges and the bars. It was clearly a very luxurious ship and there was plenty of opportunity for a passenger to get some solitude if they wished.

We then looked at one or two of the restaurants (though one was kept back for our lunch) and then out onto the fantail to see one of the pool areas. The weather was too wet to have a good look round outside so we retreated into the warmth and headed for another of the pools. This was beneath a retractable glass roof in a central atrium. The Gorse Fox should think that even with the roof open (which they do as soon as ship hits warmer weather) it would be lovely and sheltered.

Next on the agenda was the accommodation. We were taken around the various cabins. Internal, external, balcony, deluxe balcony, mini-suite, suite, and penthouse. There was clearly a wide choice but to be practical the Gorse Fox and Silver Vixen would not consider anything below a junior suite. This is because the bathrooms were so small and enclosed (the Silver Vixen doesn't like enclosed spaces) and also, given that the Gorse Fox gets up earlier than the Silver Vixen, there was nowhere for him to go and read, or to write his blog, or whatever.

Finally it was time to visit the last of the restaurants and to have a three course lunch. Well, the Gorse Fox must say that it was delightful. We sat at a table with our little tour group and were waited on by the normal waiting staff. Given that the ship was just in port for 12 hours and this was an extra shift in terms of these waiters, they were charming, attentive, and discreet. The Gorse Fox was impressed.

He thinks that a lot of his reservations regarding cruising have been addressed. Now, that doesn't mean that we're going to book a cruise, but it does mean that it's now an additional holiday option.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The alarm went off soon after seven. The Silver Vixen had a hair appointment in Chichester and though it wasn't until later, she was getting a lift in with Old Bill and Lady Penelope. The Gorse Fox was off to play football.

The forecast was for wet weather to set in around lunch time. As the Gorse Fox set off it was damp and foggy. By the time he had pulled on his boots and shin pads and was playing the last of the games today, it was raining steadily. The football wasn't as bad as he expected it to be. It's been a while since he's played, but he managed to play well, and scored the winning goal in our first game. Very satisfying to get back into it so quickly. In the end our yellow-bibs won the mini-league today.

Back home it was raining heavily. The Silver Vixen had planned to use her bus pass to get back, but the Gorse Fox sent a text offering to collect her as the weather was so bad. She leapt at the suggestion and as he writes this, the Gorse Fox is awaiting her summons,

Monday, November 26, 2018


We have had a lovely night out in Chichester to celebrate the Silver Vixen's birthday with the Crew. We caught the bus (making good use of her new bus pass) and hopped off near the Cattle Market. Though this was not the most efficient stop for our intended destination, it proved to be inspired as it meant that walked along East Street and saw all the Christmas illuminations. (These had been switched on Saturday).

We stopped off first at Trents where we had a pre-dinner drink, then continued on to Cote Brasserie. As usual the food there was excellent. The Gorse Fox enjoyed their charcuterie board to start with, then a cassoulet. The Silver Vixen ignored the starter and went for a fish pie. ~The evening was filled with banter and laughter and was an absolute pleasure.

We caught the 10:30 bus back home and walked in the door at about 10:55. Perfect.

Hanging on

Hanging on seems to be the theme for the day. The Gorse Fox had a dental appointment mid morning and had determined a) which bus to catch, and b) he had time to call BT and sort out a new SIM for the Silver Vixen. The problem was b)... What the Gorse Fox expected would be a 10 minute call ended up as 40 minutes, most of which was just hanging on. This meant that a) had been missed and he had to run for a+1. In the end he arrived in Chichester with about 10 minutes to spare.

The dentist gave the Gorse Fox a clean bill of health and told him to get an appointment with the hygienist. He was happy to do this, particularly when he got a cancellation for later this morning. This meant that c) he got the appointment for half price, and d) he had 90 minutes more of hanging around in Chichester.

The Gorse Fox made the most of the time by grabbing a coffee and then going for a walk round some of the parks round the town. Finally it was time to return to the dental practise. The hygienist was running late. More hanging around. Eventually he was seen and spent some time being water-boarded before being given a clean bill of health and told to continue with his current dental regime.

The bus whisked him home - in fact our stop was the first time the bus stopped on the route from Chichester. We plan to use the bus again later as we go out with the Sonning Crew to celebrate the Silver Vixen's birthday... particularly as she's all grown up now, with her own bus pass!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

It's Beef

A bit dryer today, but looked threatening inland. This was not a major issue as we only had one plan for the day. With Jasper's automatic feeder set, we headed off to LA to have lunch with Urban-Cub, Pistol Pete, and Ellie.

We had a lovely few hours with them as Urban-Cub prepared a lovely roast dinner, Ellie played, and Pistol Pete and the Gorse Fox tried to stay out of the way. The Gorse Fox explained to Pistol Pete all about the SIM-only mobile phone plan that he is on with BT (as they too are BT Broadband customers) and how it may be worth looking into when his current contract finishes. The Gorse Fox is about to switch the Silver Vixen to this as her contact finishes next week.

We heard all about their week (they have both had a week's annual leave) and obviously told them about ours. They commented how much they enjoyed the Winchester Christmas Market when they visited. The Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen may have to try and squeeze that in one day, if the weather allows.

We really did have a lovely day with them, but as the sun went down we had to head home. The Silver Vixen isn't keen on driving in the dark so we made a move before the sun was switched off for the night.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Down to earth

Well and truly back down to earth today. A miserable, wet day was clearly set for the duration. We headed off mid-morning to collect Jasper from his spa break at the cattery. He seemed very pleased to see us and was very vocal all the way home, giving us a blow by blow account of his week away.

A trip to Sainsbury's was next on the agenda. The cupboards were bare and we needed to top up and also exchange our residual mickey-mouse Euros for real money.

Alongside all  of this the Silver Vixen has been catching up on the week's washing... and the poor old Hotpoint hasn't stopped all day.

We popped round to see the neighbours and thank them for watching over the house in our absence. Unfortunately, Two Hats was suffering from a sore throat so we didn't go in. We then went on to see Old Bill and Lady Penelope and caught up on the week's news (and may have helped empty a bottle of wine).

Once home, we locked the doors and settled in for the evening.

Friday, November 23, 2018


Well we had to get up and get going. Our taxi was due at 9:30 and we had to finish packing, have breakfast, and check-out. In the end it all went very smoothly and we had plenty of time to spare. Our taxi arrived on schedule (though it was a 12 seater minibus - just for the two of us) and whisked us across to the airport.

There were three gates open - 2 for priority check-in and one for the great unwashed like us. What was nice was to see the check-in lady telling people off for getting in the wrong queue and sending them to the back of our queue. Being English it brought a wry smile to the face.

Once checked in we wandered through security - the Silver Vixen was stopped yet again. (Obviously something dodgy about her). We then had some time in the shops before heading for the TAP Lounge. It's not very big, but was quite comfortable and must have one of the best views from any airport lounge in the world.

We sat there until our flight was called. We grabbed some water and some sandwiches for the flight, before leaving. BA, in their infinite wisdom, no longer provide free food or drinks on flights, so rather than pay the exorbitant fees they charge, we made the most of our lounge access and their facilities.

The flight boarded on time. We were bussed the 150ft from the terminal to the plane... which always seems daft. Once loaded up we settled down for the flight only to be told that the flight was likely to be delayed by 25 minutes because they were increasing the separation between landings at Gatwick due to poor visibility. The Captain had, however, sent the "ready to go" message so that we could take advantage of any earlier slot that became free. As if by magic a slot became free almost immediately and we actually took off earlier than our scheduled time.

We had an excellent and very quick flight, landing early at Gatwick. Our bags seemed to be the first off the plane and within minutes we were walking out to be met by our driver. Comfortably ensconced in the back seats of the S-Class Mercedes we were whisked back home, getting in around five o'clock.

Home delivery of a Chinese meal from our local rounded off the day as we settled down to catch up on some of the recorded TV.

However good a holiday is... it's nice to be home.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Bus Pass

It was still dark when the Gorse Fox got going this morning. Once he's awake he can't just lie there, he has to get up. There was an ominous cloud along the southern horizon as the sun came up and the forecast suggest a chance (40%) of rain.

We had a leisurely breakfast and then made some loose plans for the day. All plans had a weather-clause.

Now that somebody is old enough for a bus pass, the Gorse Fox thought it might be sensible to her used to bus travel. We walked down to the marina and booked on a couple of the tour buses. Everyone else was rushing for the top (open) deck. We decided that we see almost as much from the inside, we were protected if it rained, and it would be warmer. As it happens we didn't need to worry about the rain, but the Gorse Fox thinks the precaution were sensible as we stayed warm and could easily hear the commentary on the headphones.

The first tour took us around part of Funchal and then out to the quaint fishing village of Camara de Lobos. We could have got off there and then hopped on the next bus to get back, but we didn't bother. Think of it as a scouting expedition for our next visit! Just past Camara de Lobos is Cabo Girao (there is a further tour that will take you there). This is notable because it boast the highest sea cliff in Europe and the third highest in the world at 580m - 1900 feet. There a glass sky deck up there so may well be worth a visit in the future.

Back in town we stopped for a coffee and cake the climbed aboard the second tour of the day. This was a much more detailed tour of Funchal and its neighbourhood. It ended up northwest of the city at Pico dos Barcelos (one of the higest peak in the city). Again we chose to stay on the bus rather than stroll around on top of a mountain for 35 minutes while waiting for the next bus.

Now the Gorse Fox should point out that there was excellent WiFi on the tour bus. So much so that he was able to check-in for tomorrow's flight home as soon as check-in opened. Seats were chosen and boarding passes sent digitally - all while we were bumbling along the Estrada Monumental. We just need the bus to park near the hotel as the only complaint the Gorse Fox would have about the hotel is how slow the WiFi is.

The route taken by this tour led back down to the coast and along past our hotel. We briefly discussed this and decided to get off there rather that head back to town the walk back. Our choices paid off. We were no sooner back in our room than the rain started. It hammered down for a good half hour and had we been caught in it we would be looking like drowned rats.

(And no... the Gorse Fox hasn't forgotten the photos - he just didn't take many today).

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Special Day

Today is a special day. It's the Silver Vixen's Birthday. She's all grown up now. The Gorse Fox was up just before seven so that he could retrieve all of her cards from his case and lay them out ready for her to open when she woke. As usual, the plans for the day were a little fluid, but there was a nugget of an idea we had discussed last night.

The cards were opened and arranged on the table - this proved to be a good idea, but more about that later. We went down for breakfast then prepared for the day. At this point the Gorse Fox should point out that there was a lot of cloud about. The forecast had, for the first day since our arrival, said that there was no chance of rain until 1400, then only a 10% chance for about an hour. To clarify, all of the other days it has forecast 20, 40, 50 and 60% chance of rain and we have seen none. One look at this morning's sky instilled a degree of scepticism regarding the forecast. The Silver Vixen packed her umbrella and the Gorse Fox took a sweat shirt.

We headed into Funchal, along the marina, past the cable car terminus and on into the old town. It really was very picturesque and a study in charmed decay (the Gorse Fox means that in the nicest possible interpretation). We wandered through the streets and past the various restaurants, hotels, and churches. It was lovely.

We finally looped back stopping at the farmers' market(which also had a large fish market). It was a wonderful sight to see all of the fresh fruit and vegetables on display, almost hidden behind curtains of dried chillis and pimentos.

We went out on the roof terrace for a drink. No sooner had we settled down than it started to spit with rain. It never really came to anything, but the warning signs were there. Beware, they said. Ignore the forecast, they said.

We wandered back through the main shopping area, stopping here and there. We passed another set of gardens and went in for a look around. We  passed some street performers playing some excellent jazz with a trumpet, sax, tuba, drums and what can only be described as a thingmy-jig. The thingmy-jig was a series of hollow drums with no skins. They were played with paddles that created the noise by compressing the air in the 'drum' - but the bottom of the drum was a long flexible hollow pipe that amplified the sound and dictated the notes that were played. It was and excellent device and made some brilliant sounds.

We wandered back to the marina and up the hill to Reid's Corner, then round to the hotel. We settled on the patio for a tea (the Silver Vixen) and a beer (the Gorse Fox). While we were there Cousteau-cub called to wish the Silver Vixen a Happy Birthday and to have a chat.

We returned to our room. This is where the display of the Birthday cards had been a blessing. The person who tends the room had obviously noticed and called the hotel management. On the table was a card, a bottle of champagne, a chocolate cake, and some chocolates with birthday wishes form the hotel management. A nice touch.

Urban-cub did a Facetime call to the Silver Vixen. Clearly she has the remnants of a cold as does Ellie. Ellie found the whole Facetime experience a little confusing and whilst she watched avidly she didn't actually get round to interacting with us. Never mind, it is a bit magical really.

While this was going on the weather broke and the rain started in earnest. As the Gorse Fox writes, it absolutely thrashing down with rain. It's a good job we are not going out this evening - though we do have reservations in the Japanese restaurant downstairs. So much for weather forecasts!

Well the Japanese restaurant was a huge success. The food was exquisite. It was the first time that the Silver Vixen had tried sushi and, with careful selection, she thoroughly enjoyed it. The Gorse Fox was less selective and went for a mixed platter. This, again, was absolutely superb. Certainly it was as good as any sushi he has had before - even in California.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Relaxing Day

We have an all together more relaxing day today. Not idle, but not to strenuous either. After a good breakfast we returned to the room to decide on the day's activity. The Gorse Fox had noticed a promenade marked on the map, and it started not too far from the hotel.

We set off in a westerly direction and dropped down from the main road, passing some hotels to the coast (it can't really be called a beach). The promenade heads right along the coast (just like the promenade in Bognor) passing the seawater lido and various play areas, sports facilities, bars, and restaurants. It really is quite a nice walk.

The promenade loops round over a small headland then rises towards another. Then you walk down a long hill to a further lido and then up a steep hill round a headland towards the end of the paved route. The hills were good because they got the heart pumping and afforded some excellent views across the bays. We stopped and took in the view for a while then turned and headed back the way we had come.

Back at the hotel we decided on a quiet afternoon down in the Olive Garden. We had our swimming gear on, in case we felt like a swim. As it turns out our Kindles provided all the stimulation we needed for the afternoon as we both cracked on with our respective books. It was somewhat anachronistic to be sitting in the warm afternoon sun, reading, when all of a sudden the sounds of a choir practise breaks the silence. The Gorse Fox assumes this was their first practise as they sounded more like a football crowd than a polished choir. The Gorse Fox was, however, able to distinguish several of the Christmas carols they were murdering.

As the sun left the gardens we headed up to our room. Being on the tenth floor our balcony would remain in the sun for a further hour or two.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Totally Tropical

Sustained by a good breakfast we ordered a taxi for the trip up to the Monte Palace Gardens (referred to by our airport driver as the Tropical Gardens). It only took about 15 minutes as we wound our way up the hills, around the switchback roads and through the little hamlets. The driver dropped us  by the gates at the end of the cable car run. Conde Nast Traveler rates these as one of the thirteen most beautiful botanical gardens in the world. The Gorse Fox would not dispute this. He would rate them as the best he has ever seen.

We started with a coffee on the terrace looking down through the dense foliage. Here and there you could make out pathways, streams, bridges, and arches. This was going to be interesting. As we perused the map and discussed the route we realised that while the gardens occupied 70,000 sq m, there was a lot to see. That started with the ceramic pot just behind the SIlver Vixen. This must have been 8 feet high and was certainly large enough to house a family of four and their dog.

We started down through the glades. Waterfalls and streams tumbled and trickled down by the well maintained walkways. Oriental styled bridges and arches led to new viewpoints, stone Buddhas lined the paths and grinned from the undergrowth. Huge Japanese stone lanterns sat watchfully, lining the route. It was quite magical. Slowly we made our way down, zigging first this way and then zagging back the other. There was so much to see and every sight had multiple viewpoints.

Eventually the denser planting open out to a central lake. Water played across the surface from several fountains and a huge cascade. A few small islands were  accessible across causeways or bridges and a high-level path led round, overlooking the whole view. We took the high level route and wound our way past koi ponds to the very edge of the garden. Here we found the boundary road which is famous for the wicker toboggans that whisk people down the mountain side. We watched in amusement as people hurtled past - in some cases screaming. Would the Gorse Fox or Silver Vixen do this? Not on your nelly.

We stopped for a while near the bottom of the garden and just sat and took in the view over the Bay of Funchal. Behind us was a statue of a woman pulling a young girl. The caption immediately came to  mind 'No, Ellie, there's no more cheese!'

We moved on passing the Monte Palace itself. This had once been an hotel but closed when the owner died. The whole place was then bought by a businessmen who had made his money in minerals. He set about creating the whole venture as we see it today and donated it to a foundation, which he funded.

We looped back round past the lake and down into the southern Oriental garden. This was more Chinese in style (the upper garden being more Japanese). Koi grazed through the streams and water trickled everywhere. It really was quite magical. It was also time for a beer. We made our way to a terrace in the south eastern corner and grabbed a beer and a cake and just sat under the trees watching the world go by. Finally it was time to move and we looped back up through the eastern side of the garden. As we went we read the huge ceramic panels that illustrated the history of Portugal back through the ages.

Back near the top of the garden was museum. Two level showed Africa art - essentially stone carvings. Now the Gorse Fox knows what he likes and concludes that he is a Philistine. He though they (and there may have been close on a 1000 items) were ugly and wouldn't give them shelf space in an outside loo, let alone in a museum. The third level of the museum, however, was a collection of minerals. Again there were about 1000 exhibits but these were superb. Nearly all of them were from Brasil but illustrated the various crystalline structures lurking in the banks of the rivers there. It really was intriguing.

Finally, after three or four hours, we were done. The garden had filled us with joy and made our spirits soar. It was time to join them, so we climbed aboard the cable car and took off into thin air, dangling in a pod hanging from a cable strung between pylons that strode down the mountainside right down to the marina where we had been yesterday. The Silver Vixen had been nervous about it but decided she would face her fear. Half way down, the immortal words 'Are we nearly there yet?' indicated she was not enjoying it too much.

Back at the marina we decided that we would walk back to the hotel rather than get a taxi (which had been the original plan). What a day that had been.


The Gorse Fox usually sleeps well but must say that he is sleeping even better than usual while here in Madeira; even the Silver Vixen is sleeping well.

The Gorse Fox was up soon after seven as usual. The sun was up soon after and put on an impressive display as it prepared to beet the day. Plans may change, but at the moment our plan is to visit the Tropical Gardens. (We have been warned the the famous Botanical Gardens are in a bit of a state at the moment and after some recent storms many of the paths have been washed away or are in a poor state of repair).

But first we have breakfast!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Lazy Sunday

A lazy start to the day as befits a Sunday morning. The Gorse Fox was up early and watched the sun come up in the east, then settled down with his book for some reading while he waited for the Silver Vixen to appear.

Breakfast was another tasty affair where we could graze our way through ranges of fruit, breads, cheeses, cured meats, salads, and of course cooked food. We didn't stint on our selection with the expectation that we wouldn't need to eat again until supper.

The sun was up and scattered clouds drifted aimlessly across the blue sky. We decided that we would take a walk towards the old town and have a look at the Santa Catarina park. It's only a couple of kilometres from the hotel so we walked in the morning sunshine.

The park isn't huge but it is very tranquil and very pretty. Obviously at this time of year the flowers aren't at their best, but there was a faded beauty that made the whole place quite inviting.

The park also afforded some wonderful views across Funchal, along the coast, and down to port and the marina.

We descended the steps at the side of the park to the level of the port. We crossed the road opposite the Christiano Ronaldo museum and then strolled along the promenade up to the marina.

There four cruise liners in port - The Black Watch, The Saga Sapphire, The World, and The Seabourn Odyssey. None of these was huge, but nevertheless they were very imposing.

Once we had passed the marina we turned back and headed back along the lower coastal road. Now you have recognise that Funchal is very hilly. This meant that while we had started on the level coastal road, we had to divert up a hill to get back at the right level for our hotel. Halfway up the hill we decided that a drink would be nice so dropped in to the Royal Savoy hotel and went to the poolside bar. We sat in Art Deco splendour and enjoyed a cold beer before return to our route and heading for the hotel.

Back at the hotel we have spent the afternoon sitting on our sun drenched, tenth floor balcony reading our books.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Retail Laps

Well the forecast turned out to be inaccurate. We have had a lovely day plenty of blue sky and a few clouds to break the monotony. As the Gorse Fox commented earlier, there was a big cruise ship in port. We decided this was a good excuse NOT to do any of the 'must do' sights.

We had a long leisurely breakfast... and for those that care (you know who you are) yes, champagne was available - but as you would expect, we didn't bother.

We decided that today we would explore on foot and head in a westerly direction. A mile or so up the road we found a big shopping centre, The Forum, so went in for some retail therapy and a coffee. Considering we didn't really plan to get anything we left after a couple of hours clutching an arm full of bags.

Back at the hotel we made the most of the sheltered patio to have a drink and a bite of lunch while deciding what we would do during the afternoon. We decided to stay put but have a look around the hotel gardens and swim.

The hotel has a selection of pools. There are three (or four) outdoor pools overlooking the sea. These are salt water pools and look particularly inviting. The Gorse Fox may try one of these later in the week. Today, the indoor pool seemed more inviting and certainly was the only one that tempted the Silver Vixen. In reality the pol was really quite warm and you could swim through an opening in the wall into an outdoor extension of the pool. This too was heated so the whole experience was quite delightful.

After the swim we went and dried off in the sun in one corner of the garden, sheltered by olive trees and palm trees. Finally as the sun dropped, we went back to the room for a quiet hour or so watching the sunset before we head down for supper. The Gorse Fox noticed the cruise liner left during the afternoon, but a second liner has arrived this evening.


DInner, yesterday evening, was in the large Ocean Restaurant. This was essentially a buffet. It was busy but actually very good. The selection was varied and, in some cases, surprising. The Gorse Fox tried the brussel sprout salad, something he had never seen before. It was a mixture of halved, roasted sprouts in a dressing with blue cheese. It was quite delicious. For our main course we both selected the turkey. This was cooked in a gravy with cep mushrooms. It was deliciously moist and very tasty. Certainly nothing to complain about on the food front.

A storm was forecast overnight and boy did it hit. It crashed in about one o'clock in the morning with howling winds and very heavy rain. Having said that, though we heard it, it didn't really disturb either of us. This morning is bright and sunny and the clouds have blown away. There is still a forecast for some rain but we're ok for the moment.

It'll probably be busy in and around the town today as a cruise liner has just sailed past towards the harbour.

Friday, November 16, 2018

33000 Feet

We took a limo up to Gatwick last night, having checked our bags in, we then wandered across to the hotel. This was not as easy at it sounded. The Gorse Fox has a recollection that you used to be able straight across a walkway into the Hilton. Well you can't now. You have to walk across to the car park, go down a level and then join a walkway that takes you there. Once in the right place we picked up the key and dropped our hand baggage in the room. We then called Urban-Cub with a view to meeting her when we went down to dinner.

We went to the restaurant and opted for the buffet. Urban-Cub arrived and sat down for a chat. She didn't stay long but it was nice to see her before we left.

It was an early start this morning. We were walking through security (where we both got stopped in the body scanner) early enough that we had time to go to the lounge for breakfast before the flight. While walking through the terminal we saw two of our neighbours. We stopped for a chat. It turns out that they too were heading for Madeira and were on the same flight as us.

The plane is fairly full but managed to push back about ten minutes early and will, apparently, land about forty minutes early. Let's hope the driver in Funchal has checked the flight arrival times!

A few more minutes have passed and the cabin crew just arrived at our row with some champagne and a card for the Silver Vixen's upcoming birthday. It was a really lovely thought - and not one that the Gorse Fox had pre-arranged. I had just made a comment as we chatted on boarding that we were going away for her birthday. They took the initiative. Excellent. (The Gorse Fox will have to see who else he can tell while we're away).

The rest of the flight was uneventful as was our arrival in Madeira. Our driver was waiting for us and whisked us into Funchal. As she drove (and the Gorse Fox uses that term lightly) she made full use of the road from one armco barrier to the next without actually touching them. She talked the whole time about shoes, her grandmother, and her niece. There was also a last minute brain dump about Madeira and Funchal in particular.

Our hotel is excellent. A modern building comprising two towers containing several restaurants, a spa, indoor and outdoor pools, squash and tennis courts, and exercise studio, and a gym. We were informed on our arrival that we had been upgraded and were shown to what would pass as a very acceptable apartment. We have a huge bedroom, a bathroom, and at the end of the corridor, a big lounge that opens onto a balcony. We are up at the top  of the building and have wonderful views out to sea and along the coast in both directions.

After unpacking, we went out to explore and found our way down to pools and one of the restaurants where we stopped for a snack. A breeze had picked up and though the sun was trying its best, clouds insisted on obscuring it. We returned to our room for a jumper and then went exploring some more. This time we ventured out along the main drag towards the old town. We'll venture further next time.

Back at the hotel we sat on the balcony and watched the sun go down. We are now getting ready to go down for dinner. It has been a good day and the Gorse Fox is delighted with the choice of hotel.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Busy day

Ellie was kind enough, despite a cough, to sleep through until nearly eight this morning. That was a nice bonus. It was a busy start to the day as the Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox tag-teamed Ellie while clearing the fridges of anything that won't last and trying to cram everything into the various bins for today's collection.

Jasper stayed well out of the way - he didn't want to get swept up! Little did he know. By mid morning he had been lulled into a false sense of security and the Gorse Fox took the opportunity to grab him and put him in his basket. Ellie and the Silver Vixen climbed into the car and Jasper was strapped in. He was off on his Spa Break at the cattery. Though he meowed the whole way there, Mark greeted him and he immediately settled.

We grabbed some lunch back home and then Ellie went down for a sleep. This meant that we had a little quiet time in which we could do our own packing and preparation. Despite all of the Gorse Fox's lists, he is sure he will have forgotten something.

Pistol Pete should be picking Ellie up in a few hours and then the taxi should arrive to take us to Gatwick where we can drop our bags and then meet up with Urban-Cub.

Talking of Urban-Cub, the Gorse Fox has heard from Cousteau-Cub. SHe's in Phuket, safe and sound. Her latest set of blood tests have come back and look very promising. Obviously a few weeks of TLC from mum helped a great deal!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


It looks like Cousteau-Cub has just landed in Doha. That's the first leg of the journey complete. Now she has a brief layover before getting the next flight from Doha to Phuket.

Meanwhile the Silver Vixen has been in to Chichester for a hair appointment and the Gorse Fox has been out for a walk and also round to M&S to pick up some new slacks that he had ordered online. Envelopes have also been stuffed with cash for the taxi to and from the airport and for Jasper's spa break at the cattery.

As the Gorse Fox writes this, Ellie is having an afternoon nap in the back bedroom, Jasper is having a nap in the Orangery, and the Silver Vixen has popped round to get her prescription filled. Supper is planned - we're having some UFOs along with whatever fresh vegetables we have left.

Gone girl

A four o'clock start today. There was a trip to Gatwick needed to get Cousteau-Cub off and away. The Silver Vixen got up to see us off, then we headed out into the darkness for the trip across the county. We arrived at 6 a.m. - right on the Gorse Fox's mental schedule.

Cousteau-Cub was fairly quickly checked-in and as Urban-Cub had warned that security might be busy at that time, the Gorse Fox paid for Cousteau-Cub to use the Premium service. We said our goodbyes and the Gorse Fox stifled the lump in his throat as she disappeared. It'll be many months before we see her again and we are already missing her dreadfully (and she only took-off an hour ago).

It's now time that the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox started to focus on our own trip.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Last Day

Today is Cousteau-Cub's last full day before returning to Thailand. The plan for the day was to spend as much time as possible together as a family. To that end, Urban-Cub and Ellie came over and we just chilled. Nothing startling. Nothing on the agenda. Just time together. Perfect.

As the day wore on the Gorse Fox took Ellie round to the lake to feed the ducks - but that was the main excitement for the day. Later we had to complete some admin... printing Cousteau-Cub's boarding passes and printing some more photos for her to take back with her.

The last 24 hours are always hard.

Monday, November 12, 2018


A day of mixed sun and heavy showers.

We didn't have any firm plans. As it waste of Cousteau-Cub's last days here we thought we'd keep it fluid so we could adapt to any of her requirements. The Gorse Fox was amused to see a bulletin declaring the M23 would be closed overnight when he needed it to get to the airport on Wednesday morning. Extra time will need to be allowed for the diversion.

The Gorse Fox put the Orangery back to its normal configuration. The trestle table was stowed back in the garage and the floors were washed with the new Karcher device. Late morning he took Cousteau-Cub into Bognor Regis for her appointment with the acupuncturist... then picked her up when she was finished. She said how good he seems and it had been making a difference. This is good and we should probably leave some feedback on PrickAdvisor.

Lat afternoon we went and raided Sainsbury's for the various bits that Cousteau-Cub needs to take back for the Coventry Hobbit. Then to finish her hedonistic trip, she picked up a kebab for supper. Only one more full day before her return to Thailand. It'll be such a shame to see her go but at least we seem to have built up her strength while she's been home.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

And breathe

After the excitement of yesterday, today was much more relaxed. There was no hurry to get up, or at least there shouldn't have been. The problem was that the Gorse Fox had forgotten to put out Jasper's breakfast. Needless to say he was not amused, but to be fair left it until after seven before he started to slap the Gorse Fox around.

The rest of the morning was spent sorting some photos, finishing the tidying up, and just chilling. The Silver Vixen made the most of the time by going through her wardrobe (no not into Narnia) selecting her various outfits for our forthcoming trip.

Meanwhile, Urban-Cub had been at work and called us on her drive home. We collectively agreed to meet for supper at the Oystercatcher, so added that to the day's plan. (As if there was ever a plan!)

The Gorse Fox went for a walk early afternoon. It was bright and cool, but very pleasant for walking. He timed it to perfection. As he walked back in the door and sat down the heavens opened and it poured with rain. A few minutes earlier and he would have been drenched.

We went across to the Oystercatcher. Urban-Cub, Pistol Pete and Ellie were already there so we settled down and chatted. Ellie was busy drawing and completely captivating the waitress and the nearby diners. The best part was when the drinks had been delivered and she grabbed the (empty) bottle of alcohol-free wine, lifted it to her lips and said "Cheers".

While we were waiting for the food, Ellie also made friends with a young girl at the nearby table and they kept waving and smiling at each other. She was absolutely intrigued by her t-shirt which had some form of foil leaves on it. As these were moved in one direction they showed as silver, but when flipped in the other direction, they displayed a rainbow. Very clever.

The meal arrived and clearly the Gorse Fox, Cousteau-Cub, and Urban-Cub chose well. We had gone for the pork, lamb, and turkey respectively. Unfortunately Pistol Pete and the Silver Vixen chose the beef and it really wasn't very nice, apparently. This is the second time we have eaten at Vintage Inns (the chain that runs The Oystercatcher), chosen their "Roast", and been disappointed. This isn't a mistake we will make again.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Family Do

The day had arrived. We were having a bit of a "do". The Gorse Fox got up early with a view to getting things under way but soon realised there was little he could do until M&S emailed to say the food was ready for collection. He did what he does best - he paced up and down and faffed around until it was time for collection.

The email didn't come. The Gorse Fox gave up and went to M&S - all the food was there and ready, they just hadn't informed him... until 30 minutes after he got home with it! While out, he also collected the cake he had had made for the Silver Vixen... after all, it is a special birthday next week.

Back home we moved into high gear. Food was being stashed in fridges or prepared for cooking. The Gorse Fox was preparing salads and other side dishes. Glasses and plates were emerging from all their hiding places. The Sonos was playing an all-day playlist in the background. We were ready.

People started arriving just before midday and there was a steady stream of family for the next 30 minutes. The ovens were working overtime. It very quickly moved into full swing as each part of the family caught up with others and exchanged all their news and all of them caught up with Cousteau-Cub (some hadn't seen her for more than a decade).

The food ws ready and the table could hardly cope. In fact Cousteau-Cub had to find some further fall tables on which to spread some of the food. (It was only after everyone had finished that the Gorse Fox noticed he had a huge gala pie tucked away in the fridge still... unopened). We had a side of salmon, pork belly squares, bulgar wheat salad, chicken pies, steak pies, sandwiches, wraps, chicken drumsticks, cheese, and salad. Then, just as we made a dent in that, it was all cleared away and out came the cheesecake, berries, trifle, eclairs, and fondants. Nobody leaves this house hungry!

As the afternoon wore on the children were kept amused by the bubble wands.

Ellie didn't seem quite her normal self. She was a bit clingy, and very quiet. She might have been a bit overawed by all the people but we suspect not. Cousin Louis was very well behaved and the two of them got on well.

Eventually it was decided that we all needed some air. The Gorse Fox and Trevor headed out for a walk. As he has recently had his hip done, he needs to get the exercise and build up the strength again, so the Gorse Fox took him on one of his usual routes.

The others took some bird seed and the children and went to the lake to feed the ducks.

While all this was going on, young Bec had gone to the pharmacy. She was a little concerned and needed to be checked. The pharmacist thinks she may have shingles. Hopefully she's caught it early enough that it isn't too uncomfortable.

Back home it was time for more teas, coffees, wines, etc. and to cut the cake. The Gorse Fox suspects he may have chosen the wrong size. After everyone had eaten one or helpings of the delicious cake, there is still more than half of it left. He suspects that we may be eating cake for a few days for breakfast, dinner, and tea.

By early evening people started drifting away. The Gorse Fox, the Silver Vixen and Cousteau-Cub cleared away and then settled down for a quiet evening - it had been quite a day!

Friday, November 09, 2018

Just stuff

No real focus for today as so much was dependent on what the family had planned (or unplanned).

The first thing was to get the Orangery sorted out... chairs and tables moved, spare table brought in from garage, running machine parked, and floor cleaned. Tick.

Next the Gorse Fox sorted out the outstanding photos that needed to be placed in the last few frames and get them mounted on the wall. Tick.

Drop Cousteau-Cub in Bognor for her appointment. Tick

Urban-Cub arrived with Ellie, so we chatted, had some lunch and monitored Ellie until it was time for them to head home. Tick.

Collect Cousteau-Cub from her appointment. Tick.

Finish shopping list and go with the Silver Vixen to Sainsbury's to pick up those items for the family "do" that aren't being provided by M&S in the morning. Tick.

Decide what to do about tonight's dinner... Outstanding.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Farming Today

There was a bright blue sky and the sun was trying its hardest to warm everything up. It struggled up to about 14C in the end, so it wasn't a bad day.

We had to wait in for Ocado but then had plans to meet up with Urban-cub, Cousteau-Cub and Ellie. Predictably, because we had something planned, Ocado turned up nearly 20 minutes later than the allotted time slot. Strangely that always seems to be the case if we have arranged to go out.

Once the shopping had arrived and been put away we hopped in the car and made our way up towards Billingshurst. Just outside Wisborough Green is Fisher's Farm where we would meet up. It only took about 40 minutes to get there and we quickly found Ellie on arrival.

We then spent a lovely four hours or so wandering round and seeing the animals (rabbits, pigs, goats, ponies, horses, ducks, geese, peacocks, alpacas, cows, tortoises, and donkeys). Ellie seemed to love it.

Along with all the animals there were rides, slides, swings, things on which to climb, and goodness only knows what else. Ellie was in her element and ran from one thing to the next as she exhausted each new experience before moving on to the next.

We stopped for some lunch in their restaurant, then carried on, refreshed. Ellie started again and rushed round from one thing to the next with all the rest of us in tow, and in some cases one or other of us involved in the particular ride. Even Grandpa ended up going down one or two slides with Ellie.

As the afternoon wore on the sun dropped lower in the sky (as it does) and the temperature started to drop. Enough was enough. We packed up and after a lovely day headed off home.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Stand and Deliver

It was a wet, miserable, grey day. It was how the Gorse Fox imagines life to be if you are north of Watford.

The Silver Vixen headed off to Pilates, but the Gorse Fox skipped football as we had various deliveries expected during the day. During the morning he went digging through the loft and then the garage looking for some collections of old toys. They took quite a bit of locating and in the end the Gorse Fox had to make a hook to reach across the roof space to grab the bag containing the huge collection of Fisher-Price toys. The next hour or so was spent cleaning all these. It's amazing the filth that washed off this long-stored collection. Just as the Gorse Fox was finishing, Urban-Cub arrived with Ellie and the Silver Vixen followed a few minutes later.

We prepared some lunch for Ellie and then the Silver Vixen, Urban-Cub, Cousteau-Cub, and Ellie headed off to Chichester for some shopping. The Gorse Fox was still tied to the house awaiting the deliveries. Fortunately both deliveries arrived before two o'clock, so the Gorse Fox put on his gear and headed off to join the family in Chichester. As the Silver Vixen had he car in Chichester, the Gorse Fox used his bus pass and then strolled through the town to join up with them. We strolled around from shop to shop as Cousteau-Cub raided the charity shops and Urban-Cub and the Silver Vixen looked in the kiddy-shops. Eventually we split up and the Gorse Fox raided M&S.

As the afternoon wore on, Urban-Cub, Cousteau-Cub, and Ellie went home and the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox stayed on for a bit more shopping.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Premium Bonds

It would seem that the rules have just changed. Last year the Gorse Fox phoned NS&I to ask about buying some Premium Bonds for Ellie and setting up a Standing Order. They assured him that this could NOT be done. Only her parents were allowed to do this.

This was a source of irritation so when a pamphlet dropped through the letterbox this morning saying that you can gift premium bonds to your children or grandchildren, the Gorse Fox leapt to his keyboard and got the process underway with an initial investment in Ellie's name. It will be January before the investment is included in the monthly draw, but at least he's got things started. Hopefully he can set up a Standing Order to make regular investments for her. We just need to wait until Urban-Cub gets all the details through from NS&I.

No Score

The Gorse Fox was awake early and feeling fidgety. Rather than disturb the Silver Vixen he got up and snuck downstairs for some coffee and to read the overnight emails and news. Eventually he succumbed to the thought of eggs and bacon and it was probably the smell of the bacon that caused the rest of the house to stir.

Urban-Cub was not working today, but no firm plans had been made so the Gorse Fox decided that he would skip football for today and stay around in case anyone needed ferrying around or some outing was mooted. In the end Urban-Cub came over with Ellie and they spent the day with us.

Deliveries are now scheduled for tomorrow so the Gorse Fox will skip football again.

Monday, November 05, 2018

Five by Seven

There was stuff to do today. Nothing earth-shattering (which is probably just as well) but we were on a mission.

Cousteau Cub had an appointment with an acupuncturist locally and tsp was taking her and then disappearing off to have a stroll round the town. The Gorse Fox was left to his own devices. This devices turned out to be a vacuum cleaner, a Stanley knife, some boxes that needed cutting down to put in the bins, and (of course) a computer. The Gorse Fox would point out at this juncture that the computer had nothing to do with the destruction of old boxes.

The Gorse Fox had contacted an insurance company recently to cancel the policies he held with them. They were of little (or no) value but were costing him month-in and month-out. This morning they sent through the forms required to complete this closure. The forms were first on the admin list. After that there was foreign exchange to order (Sainsbury's Bank seemed to have a very could offer) and that was sorted out for collection win Friday. Then, as the Gorse Fox went through the Ocado list he found that the cat food we usually order (for Jasper) was not available. He went hunting. Another source was located and as we also need some cat litter pellets he ordered both for delivery later in the week.

The Silver Vixen and Cousteau Cub were still out and about so the Gorse Fox got on the running machine until it was time to make some soup. We have a very efficient Tefal soup maker. Throw in the ingredients and some water - et voila 23 minutes later you have a soup. Today the Gorse Fox went about this process and must have down something wrong (though cannot remember what). The soup was inedible. It was the consistency of a badly made gruel or porridge and tasted vile. The whole batch was ditched and we had sandwiches.

After lunch the Gorse Fox went for a walk then came back to print the last of the photos that the Silver Vixen had allocated for the frames. These were 5x7s and too big for the small Selphy printer. The Gorse Fox loaded up some glossy photo paper in the main printer upstairs and promptly wasted several sheet while he tried to get everything set correctly. In future it is important to remember that it's glossy side down!!! It's also a bit of a pig to have to clear a paper jam from the rear of the printer. Never mind, it's all done now.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

More pictures

Sunday was a quiet day with a fairly normal pattern.

The Gorse Fox headed off to football mid morning. We had a couple of new players this week. They were both quite good and had clearly played well in their younger days. The sides were fairly unbalanced which we managed to control in the first half, but in the second half we were overrun. The final score was about 8-4 to the other team, but Gorse Fox did manage too core one goal.

Much of the afternoon was again spent searching through photo images and deciding which ones needed to be printed. This becoming an interesting spectator sport as Jasper is absolutely intrigued by the printer. He sits and watches it as the paper is drawn back and forth under the rollers. His meerkat-demeanour sees him stretch on his back legs and one of his front legs hovers by the printer ready to swipe.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Pictures at an Exhibition

Well, perhaps not an Exhibition.

It was another crisp bright day, the sort that makes the heart soar. The Gorse Fox was up early and had an hour or two at the laptop before the others emerged. Once everyone was sorted, the Gorse Fox tried out the new toy. This is a Karcher hard floor cleaner. The last hard floor cleaner we got, from VAX, was absolutely useless after the first few runs. The Karcher seems a lot more robust and you can actually see it mopping the floor with its rollers as you switch it on. It took a little while to go right through the hall, kitchen and Orangery, but the results were very encouraging.

The Silver Vixen has her birthday approaching and according to the website is now eligible for her bus pass. The Gorse Fox got the form filled in and attached a passport-style photo. The envelope is ready to post on Monday and then, when the pass comes through, she can join the rest of us "oldies" getting free bus travel.

Cousteau-Cub spent much of the day writing various social media articles for The Adventure Club. The Silver Vixen came down clutching the Canon Selphy photo printer that the Gorse Fox had bought her a couple of years back. The next 30 minutes or so was spent going through the instructions to remember how it all worked. AT first we used it as a direct WiFi connection whereby it creates its own WiFi cloud to which you can connect phone or computer, then the Gorse Fox decided this was going to work out to be too confusing as we wanted to move photos around between devices at the same time. The printer was then switched onto the home WiFi network. This was a lot easier... and the Gorse Fox found he could use the printer from the MacBook without any special drivers. The Silver Vixen then spent the rest of the afternoon selecting photos for our various empty frames... while the Gorse Fox went out for a walk.

The selection of photos is not complete, but we now have a small pile of photos ready for their various frames. The Gorse Fox must say that he is very impressed with the printer. It's not like an inkjet, spraying pixel by pixel, but rather it lays down one colour at a time, drawing the paper back an forth under the ink cartridge. The finished job is excellent.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Swings but not Roundabouts

Lovely crisp morning with bright blue sky today. We were up and out as soon as the rush hour had finished. We were heading for Urban-Cub's. She was on duty at the airport and Pistol Pete wanted to go fishing. Cousteau-Cub was looking after Ellie by herself until we arrived.

Once the morning had warmed up, we all went down to the park. We hadn't brought Ellie's buggy so she had to walk (or get carried). This was good as our plan was to tire her out a bit so that she would sleep after her lunch. We stopped off to feed the ducks and then strode on towards the children' play area. There were a few children there already and she was a bit shy at first. Eventually she tried the swings and the slide and several other pieces of apparatus. We decided it was time to go and headed for the gate. Ellie was having none of it. We called "Bye, Ellie" and she turned her back on us, walked the other way, waving, and called "Bye" back. Grandpa went with her and let her have another go on the slide, then she was ready to rejoin us.

Back at the house Ellie demanded "Cheese" while waiting for her lunch to be prepared, then had a minor meltdown when we produced the wrong type of cheese. She will clearly be some kind of expert gourmand. Rectified with the correct cheese (cheddar instead of Baby Bel) she was happy and lunch preparation could continue.

She was in bed having a sleep by the time Urban-Cub go home from work so we had some quiet time to have our own lunch. We headed off with Cousteau-Cub after lunch. First stop was Chichester. We had ordered a new floor cleaner from John Lewis and had been informed it was in store waiting for collection. We had a stroll round while we were there, then headed home.

Sometimes the correct answer to the question "What do you want for dinner?" is "How about an Indian?". So it was that the Gorse Fox tried his "JustEat" account to order and pay for a very satisfying feats that was delivered to the door.  This is the first time this has worked. Previously you could get the whole way through the ordering process, then it claimed that they didn't deliver to our postcode. The Gorse Fox complained about this several times. After all they had delivered to us on a number of occasions when he had phoned an order through. Finally, they seem to have fixed the problem... and we enjoyed a lovely dinner.

Thursday, November 01, 2018


The Gorse Fox was up and about early. We were expecting the chap who does the windows and we had to open up the back for him. There had been rain overnight and it was still raining on and off throughout the morning. It was, however, a bit warmer.

Bigfoot arrived with his helper and the set about the task. We had asked them to clean the soffits and bargeboards as well as the Orangery roof and the other windows. We were expecting them to around for much of the morning. Coffee and tea were provided as required and we prepared some sausage baps for them mid-morning. (That's a precedent the neighbours will have to live up to! though as the Gorse Fox said to Bigfoot, Old Bill will probably provide champagne and canap├ęs, if he does their house).

Once he was finished the Gorse Fox settled down with the admin spreadsheet and when that was completed, headed out to the Orangery for some quality time on the running machine. The rain rather discouraged him from going out for a walk, particularly as he has the treadmill available.

Cousteau-Cub is still with Urban-Cub and likely to stay overnight again.

The Silver Vixen is getting underway on her latest project. This will see some new cushion covers made and deployed.