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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Golden boot

Cracking day again. Temperatures in the mid-20s and a cloudless sky this afternoon. As the Gorse Fox was driving across to Worthing this morning the sky ahead looked a bit threatening and there were some huge thunderheads forming to the east of us. By the time he arrived, the skies were clearing and the sun was exerting its control on the day.

Football was a 6-a-side event today. The Gorse Fox was playing for the Orange-bibs. It was a fairly tight game but the eventual 6-3 score belied how close it was. Several of the yellow goals were complete flukes. They all count however. The Gorse Fox added to his tally for the week with another goal. (That's 6 this week!)

Back home and just preparing lunch we got a call from Urban-Cub. She was out with friends near Portsmouth but Ellie didn't seem well and she was worried. She asked if she could swing by on her way through for a second opinion from the Silver Vixen (and a dose of Calpol). Ellie had slept in the car and by the time she got to us she was a lot better. They stayed for an hour or two and in that time Ellie showed no further symptoms so they headed on home.

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