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Friday, May 31, 2013

Another day over - little achieved

The constant interrupts caused by teleconferences are turning Fridays into fruitless events. There is usually so much to get done, but no time between the calls to do it. So it was, again, today.

The first call was with the client's design team where the intention was to go through the issues. Frankly much of the call was just chat between their people and it was only the last 15 minutes that afforded the Gorse Fox a platform to raise several of our key issues. One of these was a bit of an eye-opener when the Gorse Fox pointed out that that they can keep adding functions to their scope - but they couldn't afford what they already had specified and they should be looking at simplifying. That went down like a lead balloon... but paved the way for some executive discussions that will have to happen next week.

After several further calls we came to the HR call. This was informative and useful in that it answered some questions that the GF was getting form his people. As a follow-on to this GF was called by his CTO and asked to reassign a number of staff across the management tree in recognition of the impending departure of a number of colleagues. That will have to be a back-burner activity for the moment, but needs to be finished by the end of June.

Grabbing a few minutes here and there, the presentation which should have been the focus for the day grew and progressed very slightly. But not enough. GF can see this being a task for tomorrow whilst the Silver Vixen returns to her coven for the day.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Frustrating day

The plan for the day was scrapped - the Gorse Fox had to get a presentation prepared for one of the VPs. His people were meant to contribute. They turned up an hour late, contributed nothing of value - except perhaps hot air, then left. The Gorse Fox was left to get on with it - which in some was was easier (he had, after all consulted and offered collaboration). They will now get whatever the Gorse Fox decides he wants to design.

The complexity of what we are trying to do means that the slides being developed are quite complex. (Frankly, what we are being asked to do can probably only be undertaken by Starfleet. the Gorse Fox doesn't believe any other organisation in the world could manage to deliver this in the time we have available). As a result, the Gorse Fox didn't manage to complete the whole story - but he got the outline nailed and managed to write about half of the storyline. It will be interesting to see what comments come back from the work-in-progress review.

He is now winding down with a beer and a pizza in the airport, prior to flying home.

Bad start

Non-cooperative colleagues instructed by the VP to attend a meeting this morning with the Gorse Fox. Mandatory attendance.

Twenty minutes after the start time - the Gorse Fox still sits alone in the conference room.

Not amused

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


An interesting day.

First we tried to define a RACI which defined the project responsibilities. This got so far, then collapsed requiring separate input and re-covergence. We await the impact.

Then we looked at the environment strategy and again got to a stage that required specific additional input and refactoring from the Gorse Fox.

Next we had a programme wide meeting wher the Gorse Fox got blamed for not having a target architecture defined. The Gorse Fox pointed out that his people had ignored every call that the Gorse Fox had set up in the last six weeks. Embarrassed he promised that his people would attend all further calls. We'll see. Tomorrow at 0830 the Gorse Fox has arranged another meeting.

There was a lot of internecine argument in the next meeting. It was like listening to children arguing over nothing - and so the Gorse Fox switched off, rolled his eyes, and got on with some real work. This was all followed by a programme-wide meeting followed by a few glasses of wine.

The Gorse Fox may have consumed several glasses of wine more than he should have done. He finally decided to leave the office with Deep Blue and grab a bite to eat at a local hostelry. It was nice to catch up after so long. A really, really, pleasant evening.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back in the North

The Gorse Fox seemed to spend much of the day on the phone, but at least - thanks to the mute button - he was able to get on with some other work alongside the calls. As a result he managed to refactor a couple of spreadsheets, which he had been threatening to do for a week or two.

At 1700 he hit the road, filled up with diesel and headed for Gatwick. Not yet used to the journey he was still allowing a little extra time - but this was not necessary as he was walking into the terminal at 1800. The journey was trouble-free and the Gorse Fox was first off the plane in Edinburgh, straight to the taxi, and soon checked in at the hotel.

The hotel is full and the Gorse Fox has been warned the room he has been allocated can be a little noisy, being under reception and on the front of the building at basement level. Time will tell if this proves to be an issue.

Good start

The Gorse Fox is starting the week from his study before heading up to Edinburgh this afternoon. To make the start of the working week just perfect: yesterday's forecast rain has now arrived; and the cat has vomited on the stairs.

The bodings are not good.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bank Holiday

The traditional Bank Holiday Monday at the end of May is a wash-out. Everyone moans about the BH weather, but looking back to when the girls were young and we'd go to Cornwall during this week - we were frequently (or maybe even usually) wrapped up against he driving rain.

The forecast for today was dire.

The forecast was wrong. In our stretch of Sussex we had wall-to-wall sunshine throughout the day. It even allowed us some time to sit in the garden an lap up the rays.

The day also afforded time to view another development and see if there was a suitable house-style and plot. Though three-story, there may be an option to keep on the back burner.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


It has been a beautiful day. The sun has shone from the moment the Gorse Fox was conscious through until late evening. It was a day where one should be outside enjoying the weather. So it was that the Silver Vixen grabbed here secateurs and trowel and spent the morning tidying up the rampant growth that we are witnessing in the garden. The Gorse Fox grabbed the lawn mower and performed his, now weekly, trim before whizzing round with the strimmer to get the more recalcitrant or more inaccessible blades or grass.

Car loaded with bags full of garden waste, we popped along to dispose of the green detritus. Then we were back in house-hunt mode. We returned to look at a house we have viewed several times before, always concluding that - as much as we loved the house, we could not make it work. This time, armed with tape measure and a list of measurements for key items of furniture, we concluded that this could work. With the right plot, in the right place we might well commit. Instructions were left at the sales office.

Moving on we returned to several other developments where we had, in the past, found houses that we liked. What would they offer a year or so further on? Well, the answer is that the first development, where we were interested a couple of years ago, have no new styles - but the style of house we had liked then, still looks very good. The issue is when and where a model may be available. A new phase of development will soon be launched, overlooking the golf course. This could be promising.

We also looked at the development where we nearly bought last year. The particular house we were buying is still available, as are many others. The Gorse Fox still thinks that particular house style is the only one we have seen that really has the abundance of space to which we have become accustomed. The Silver Vixen is less convinced - and certainly isn't interested in the particular plot we had reserved last year.

With plenty of food for thought, and more numbers for the spreadsheets, we headed home.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


An old TV show used to start with the sting "The weekend starts here".

The sun was shining, the cat had slept in, and it was a lazy start to a Bank Holiday weekend. We had nothing specifically planned. We would take it as it comes.

In the kitchen, having breakfast, the Gorse Fox was struck by how nice the garden looked in the early morning sunshine. Grabbing his camera, he wandered about and took some photos. (Memo to GF, get a polarising filter for camera).

A trip to Chi (GF needed to get his new glasses adjusted) was followed by a tour of one of the local garden centres. Somehow we escaped with only the car's boot full - not the back seats as well.

Then we went on to the development where we had hoped to move - had they not recently decided not to build the house we want. They have another property available, and a further style coming on stream at the end of June. Would any of these be suitable?

We looked over one house type called The Boxgrove. An interesting mix of Victorian/Edwardian styling on the outside (reminiscent of the house the Gorse Fox's father was born in). Inside, it had some nice features, but really wasn't big enough. It seems strange that many of these new houses are designed without a study, for example.

A new style will be released at the end of June. It is slightly larger. Will have to take a look when it is released.

This got us pouring over the spreadsheets again, and made us realise that the house that had first attracted us to the development was, in fact, bigger than either of the models we have recently viewed. Whilst it had some drawbacks - there may be compromises we could make. Will have to sleep on it.

Friday, May 24, 2013


The Gorse Fox had to take the car for servicing. Because of the distance from home he agreed to wait whilst it was completed. Wandering across to the coffee shop, the Gorse Fox ordered a bacon bitty and some coffee, got the password for their WiFi and logged on. Fifteen minutes later the first of the day's teleconferences started, and so they continued nose-to-tail until five o'clock this afternoon.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mmm... senior moment

Having got the early train with the expectation of working much of the afternoon and early evening from home, the Gorse Fox was pleased to be pulling into Barnham Station on time. Having chatted with the guard on the run in, he wished him a cheery farewell and headed down the the tunnel. As he emerged he went to grab his car keys and that's when it dawned on him that they were tucked in his pocket. The pocket was in his waterproof jacket, and the waterproof jacket was just pulling out of the station en route to Chichester.

GF hurried back and spoke to the station supervisor. He rolled his eyes in a way that needed no additional comment, and then phoned Gary at Chichester. Gary retrieved the jacket and waited on the platform for the Gorse Fox to arrive on the next train.

The extra twenty-five minute round trip had not been part of the plan. But at least he had his car keys and managed to get home.


Hybrid day

It was a hybrid day. The first part was spent in town, but changes in the afternoon schedule meant the Gorse Fox could head home and finish working and take calls from Sussex. It also meant that he could work later into the evening without worrying about travel times.

The Gorse Fox had an email complaining that he hadn't attended a call yesterday evening. Fortunately,  one of his colleagues had responded on his behalf with great tact. The Gorse Fox was not in such a conciliatory mood and would have sent a stroppy note in return, having little sympathy given that his people had missed every one of the calls the Gorse Fox had set up over the past few weeks.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Earlier bird, still no worm

The Gorse Fox left home earlier. The plan was to get an earlier train so that he could attend a conference call in peace at 0900. The train left on time, arrived on time, but the Gorse Fox had forgotten how long it takes to walk from London Bridge to Starfleet's offices. In the end, he only arrived in the office a few minute earlier than usual.

The bulk of the day was of little note, but mid afternoon the Gorse Fox had to head up to Islington to meet with the client. This turned out to be a very good meeting - and though it over-ran, we managed to achieve a great deal.

The overrunning of the meeting meant that the Gorse Fox missed his usual train home, but only by a few minutes. Next one was scheduled for 30 minutes later, so the impact wasn't too great.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More of the same.

The Gorse Fox started a bit earlier today - he wanted to renew his season ticket, but was stymied by staff sickness and the consequential closed ticket office. Developing a quick Plan B he used the electronic ticketing machines to provide cover for the day and will try again this evening (or tomorrow morning).

The day has been spent either writing documents or turning up for teleconferences only to find that key participants couldn't be bothered to turn up. Now, the odd absence is forgivable but when those people are sitting ten deep in a meeting that only requires a couple of them, then it is unprofessional (and typical of the behaviour of this particular group).

Lots of writing and drawing of diagrams has kept the Gorse Fox busy as the picture he was trying to convey began to clarify in his mind. This was important as it dictates how he will tell the story that explains the overall strategy for the programme.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Back in Town

The Gorse Fox was on the normal train and heading for London. It was the start of another week, this one full of some surprises.

It seems that several of the Gorse Fox's senior colleagues are jumping ship. They have reached the age where they can take early retirement and have leapt at the opportunity. One going would not have been a surprise, but 3 of them is certainly unexpected. Makes you think!

Rest of the day was spent writing or reviewing documents. Not frantically interesting, but food for thought as the Gorse Fox continues to work on some of the high level designs for the current project.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Again it seems that the combination of sun and showers over the past couple of weeks seems to have encouraged the grass to grow. This is not good enough - once cut it should stay neat and tidy until next year. It didn't, and so the Gorse Fox found himself wandering back and forth with a mower for a while this afternoon.


The experience of building the wardrobe last weekend has obviously paid off. A second wardrobe, of a slightly different design has just been constructed from the flat-pack in under two hours.

Feeling smug.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


By the end of the day things are clearer.

It started with a quick trip to Chi (as we locals call it) to pick up the new spectacles. The coating on the old pair had broken down and they turned all blotchy in sunlight. The new pair, almost identical to look at, have a new coating and should giver several  years of clarity, and respite from bright sunlight. Then on to the Bank, where the deposit for the villa in Thailand was executed, and finally on to the DIY store for some loft boards to provide a basis for some storage in the garage roof space.

We had a viewing at lunch time. Yes, we may have only just moved, but we still have to find a permanent home. This property was back in Angmering. It was superb, but somehow, despite the show-house quality, it didn't quite tick the emotional box that said "This is the one".

Back home, Urban-cub and Pistol Pete arrived to help. The loft boards were fixed and soon there were boxes processing down from the upstairs spare-room and finding their way up in the loft-void in the garage. Some, of course, were to precious or delicate for garage storage, and so Pistol Pete climbed up into the loft and laid the boards that were already in there so that we could pass more boxes and bags up for storage.

By the end the spare room had be cleared and the Gorse Fox could see clearly. Result!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Friday has had the usual distractions of work to fill the first part of the day. The document started yesterday and delayed by GF's writer's block started to take on shape today. Despite severall calls, it turned out to be a good day.

Mid-afternoon GF and the Silver Vixen got in the car and headed for London. It was a potentially awkward time to travel as we had to think about when we would eat, whether we would arrive at the target car park in time to get a space, and whether Friday night traffic into town would be a problem. As it happens we need not have worried about the journey up to town (though the return was another story).

Stopping at Fulham (parking next to the Chelsea Football ground) we went looking for a TGI Fridays that GF had eaten at several years ago. Clearly, GF did not frequent it enough as it has now moved. We stopped at Wagamama's instead and both enjoyed a really good spoonful of rice or noodle dishes.

With an eye to the time we moved on, arriving at the Imperial College car park a few minutes after it opened and in good time to find a parking spot. We then headed to the Royal Albert Hall for the evening's entertainment. After a brief stop at the bar, we made our way in to the main seating area to find that we had superb seats, at the end of a row and with a walkway in front of us - this gave plenty of leg room and ensured we didn't have to keep moving as people came and went.

The support band came on stage and started their brief set. Gary Clark Jr. seemed to have learned his technique listening to the great guitar players of the 60s and 70s and there were echoes of Jimi Hendrix and Pete Green in his style. The Gorse Fox concluded that it was an excellent way to start to the concert and it boded well for the evening.

The intermission provided a few minutes to stretch the legs and grab an ice cream. The GF, however, added to the drama by dropping his wallet - without realising. He then went back to eat the ice cream and wandered off to take photos before a kind couple sitting near by caught his attention and returned the missing item! (You get a nicer class of person at an Eric Clapton concert),

This, of course, brought us on to the main event. At eight-thirty Eric Clapton and his band came on stage and started a two and a quarter hour masterpiece of entertainment. The set had something for everyone - new, old, acoustic, electric, blues, and rock. There tracks from his solo career, from his time with Delaney & Bonny, from his time with John Mayall, and of course from Cream.

The set list included favourites such as: Wonderful Tonight, Crossroads, Sunshine of Your Love, Layla, My Father's Eyes, Black Cat Bone, Cocaine, High Time We Went... and many more. It was a fantastic evening - and one that will be remembered for a long time.

Buzzing with the excitement of the gig we returned to the car. Unfortunately the journey home was significantly prolonged by the closure of the A3 and insufficient prior warning to choose a good alternative - this meant following all the diversions and cutting across country. Never mind, it had been a great evening.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Bomb Squad

On this anniversary of the Damnbusters Raid, the Gorse Fox thought he should mention a problem that that has been vexing the Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox.

It seems that the washing line is sited in such a way as to attract "gifts" from passing birds. Slowly but surely they are depositing the fresh contents of their intestinal tracts on all of the Gorse Fox's clean shirts and have now started to pick on garments belonging to the Silver Vixen.

What we need is a Hawk!


It was a quieter day today.

It started, a few minute after the Gorse Fox sat down at the computer, with a knock at the door. A man stood there with a parcel - but the Gorse Fox couldn't remember where he had left his keys last night. So after a few minutes charging round like a headless chicken he finally managed to get the door open and relieve the driver of his delivery. The new ADSL microfilters seem to have been successful as the broadband speed has climbed from 5Mbps to 7Mbps since fitting them.

The Gorse Fox continued working from home and was able to get some real work done between phone calls. Most satisfying.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


There is a word that can strike fear into the hearts of the design professional, it is "workshop". Worse a workshop at which project planners and managers would be participating. So it was that the Gorse Fox started the day at  the Royal Scots Club in a room crammed to the gunwhales with "interested parties". A meeting set up to agree some technical strategies and challenges had been hijacked.

To be fair, much of the day was devoted to the right problems and issues and the Gorse Fox had the chance air the major concern, i.e. its all very fine talking about the various silos of activity, but how do all these activities and the associated components come together and how does data flow between them. It was very clear that there were nearly as many misconceptions and misunderstandings as there were people in the room. The Gorse Fox was being urged to bring the conversations and debates to an end, but he was keen to allow them to finish so that we got all of the issues out on the table and achieved some form of consensus.

By the end of the day the Gorse Fox was quite satisfied with the outcomes, and whilst he had picked up some more actions - they were not unexpected.

He is now sitting in the airport waiting for his flight back to Sussex. Looks like he should be able to work from home for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On the move, on the network

The Gorse Fox worked at home as planned. The first telecon was at 0800 followed by another at 0900 and so it continued. `there was a break late morning when the Gorse Fox was able to catch up on expenses stretching back to early April.

The Gorse Fox had to prepare some material for tomorrow's workshop and that seemed to stir some debate.

Headed off the Gatwick. From the new house it takes a full hour to get there, but the Gorse Fox did have to adjust his planned route as a result of a road closed off by the police. Gatwick was busy compared to recent trips, but sufficient time had been allowed - even if the plane hadn't been forty minutes late.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Heavy day

The Gorse Fox had a hard day. His bad foot/ankle started to give trouble again during the train ride and he was a pathetic sight as he changed trains as Clapham and as he made his way from Waterloo to the Starfleet office. A couple of ibuprofen seemed to take the edge off it and by lunchtime the problem had resolved itself (again).

Long telecon during the morning triggered another long telecon during the afternoon and that, in its own right, has triggered a trip to Edinburgh tomorrow evening in preparation for a meeting on Wednesday. refuse to waste 4-5 hours on the train as well as travel to Edi tomorrow, so will work from home.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


The Gorse Fox has finished the wardrobes. It did mean a little re-engineering was required, but after a little drilling here, and screwing there, the wardrobes and their drawers were completed and the Silver Vixen then started to strip layer after layer of clothes off the bed and hang them (or re-allocate them) to make the best use of space.

Next weekend another wardrobe will succumb to the ministrations of the Gorse Fox and be filled by the Silver Vixen.

Meanwhile time has been spent chatting with Cousteau-cub online and selecting accommodation for the Thailand trip. Finally we selected the villa and separately the Gorse Fox booked the hire car. We are spending a lot of money, but it is our 40th wedding anniversary, almost incorporated Urban-cub's birthday, and should incorporate a repeat blessing of Cousteau-cub and the Coventry Hobbit's wedding vows.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

We need a Plan B... or is it E by now?

The phone rang.

It was Helen from the builders of our intended property. She was phoning to tell us that the house we had been waiting for, is no longer going to be built. She had pointed out that there were only 2 of that type scheduled and she had effectively already sold one of them. That held no sway. Head office has decided they don't want our money.

After a year of planning for that house, we now need to consider some other plan.


Two and a half hours foot!

Flat packed wardrobes arrived on Thursday. The Gorse Fox planned to construct them today. As he opened the boxes and checked the contents he was pleased to see that the instructions indicated that it should only take two and half hours to construct. Indeed, as the Gorse Fox is pretty adept with a screwdriver and hammer, he expected to be even quicker.

It is now six hours since he started and there are still four drawers to construct. He has decided, for the sake of his sanity to leave these until the morning.

Two and half hours... and the rest!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fin de semaine (or whatever)

Well the Gorse Fox is not keen on spending Friday in town, but when the client calls he has to respond. The morning's meeting was very interesting but cut short. Whilst we were discussing his design organisation, and the way his governance works across the lifecycle we were interrupted by a scheduled status call. The call was long, rambling, and immensely frustrating. By the time it was over the Gorse Fox had picked up more actions and lost his joie de vivre. 

Back in Starfleet there was another teleconference which got rather fraught and emotional and involved a lot of shouting from the other end of the phone. The Gorse Fox tends not to rise to such displays.

Several calls scheduled for the next hour or two - but it will pass the time on the train.

Thursday, May 09, 2013


Speed of the ADSL link is swinging wildly from about 750Kbps up to 5.9Mbps and back again. Hopefully it will stabilise at the upper end before long.


The Gorse Fox heard from BT. Apparently they will not need to visit us in order to activate our line as their records show that there already a line to the house. They only need to activate in the exchange. The Gorse Fox decided to plug in the phones and broadband router in expectation for next week.

Checking that his connection was visible from one room to the main computer GF realised he had an internet connection. Not sure if it will last - but for now he has slow broadband. He won't make a fuss over the speed of the connection until after Tuesday - just in case he is plugged into some old circuit at present. He wonders how long that circuit has been active?

The phone line itself isn't active yet, which is a little confusing.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Well evidently it has come to the notice of the powers-that-be, that the Gorse Fox is completely snowed under. He has been given another colleague to help and it should work out to be a good match. He is very process-driven and orientated towards project management - whereas the Gorse Fox has little interest in those areas. Should work out ok as long as we manage the demarcation between us.

The "engineering diagrams" for a project this size can be troublesome to produce - particularly when everyone wants their say and nobody wants to give you the time to actually have that say. Several half-starts have ended up with rather unsatisfactory outcomes, but some initial work from one of the team provided just the catalyst for the Gorse Fox to wade in and make some significant progress this afternoon.

Most of the Gorse Fox's colleagues are at n event tomorrow - he decided he was far to busy to attend and will either work at home or from Starfleet's Portsmouth office tomorrow.

The Gorse Fox has just realised he hasn't had anything to drink since mid-morning. This may require the intervention of a beer on return to Fontwell.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Back at the keyface

Well, it's not as catchy as coal-face, but for the Gorse Fox it makes a bit more sense. Catching what is now becoming his normal train, the Gorse Fox headed up to the Starfleet offices by the Thames. For some reason the journey seemed a little slower today, but he was still in the office about 2 hours after leaving home.

The day was spent splitting time between writing a short presentation on systems integrators, working out what to delegate, reviewing plans, and setting up meetings for later in the week. Not exactly riveting, but a fruitful day nevertheless. Thursday is looking promising as many of the Gorse Fox's colleagues are at an all day meeting. This should give him a quiet day to make some more progress.

Late in the afternoon the Gorse Fox managed to catch up with one of his team for a coffee and a chat. He's been so busy he has been neglecting his team recently and really must get back to his regular calls.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Bank Holiday

It was a quiet day but that is what Bank Holidays are all about.


The Gorse Fox and Silver Vixen headed for Chichester. The GF needs new glasses so had his eyes tested and selected some new frames. Given that the frames are rimless he struggles to reconcile the final product with the £600 bill.

Sunday, May 05, 2013


Flights booked for holiday in Thailand. It'll be a good summer!

First world problems

Life without Broadband is becoming intolerable; with no newspaper delivery the Gorse Fox had planned to read the papers online - barely feasible over slow and patchy 3g. He has some banking tasks to catch up on - but that will have to wait; he has expenses to to claim - but they too will have to wait. Yesterday's review of shopping options was barely achievable as every interaction took ages. More importantly the Gorse Fox has not yet booked the flights to Thailand for the summer vacation over with Cousteau-cub.
Its a real pain.

Today will see the Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen heading up North to the bandit country of Buckingham. It is the birthday of one of the Silver Vixen's nieces and an opportunity for a family get together.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Long weekend

It starts here.

Reality is that squeezing 270 sq m of house into 100 sq m is not easy and it is clear that we need more storage. After a little research we headed for B&Q to look at their wardrobes. After a little debate we decided they were not right for us and returned home for some more research. In the end we ordered some and expect them to be delivered during the week. It won't solve the problem but it may alleviate it somewhat.

It seems the grass has grown again this week. The Gorse Fox had to do his bit to trim the lawns ( after having been to Rustington to allow Angus to trim his unruly mop).

Friday, May 03, 2013

Well what a day

The Gorse Fox worked at home. It didn't turn out to be a quiet day. It started with preparation of some slides for an eight o'clock call. Then the calls started running back to back throughout the day. Despite this he managed to review two documents, write up his findings about a staff appeal, and started to define his resource requirements.

Now a glass of wine is calling.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

That's It

Plans have changed during the day. The Gorse Fox will now be working from home tomorrow, despite thinking he would come back up to town. His schedule sees an almost unbroken series of teleconferences from 0800 through until 1800 - so given the marvels of telephony he may as well stay in Sussex.

Today was a bit bitty. There is some serious thinking and design work to do, but there was a schedule of meetings and calls to interrupt progress.

Had a serendipitous meeting at lunchtime. As a result the Gorse Fox has found a new tool that will allow him to complete one of his planned tasks in a fraction of the time it would otherwise have taken... and it allows him to collaborate on the development rather than serialise it.

Lots of activities building up - fear that the Gorse Fox needs to be in two places at once next week. Edinburgh and London.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


The Gorse Fox has left the building. The incessant sound of carrot crunching is fading from his ears as he considers whether a desk in a farmyard would have been less distracting.

The day was spent preparing some views of organisation and governance and reviewing them with colleagues. More work to be done on this front. The Gorse Fox also spent a significant period of time on the phone with his counterpart in Edinburgh. It was important that we had a common view and that we were going to be able to work together with conflict. It was soon clear that we are very much of a same mind and that working together should be fun.

Having set up a weekly interlock meeting with another division of Starfleet - at their request - they failed to turn up, for the second week running. The Gorse Fox was meticulous and ensured the minutes of the meeting reflected this.

The Gorse Fox is sitting on the train now, waiting for it to head out for the south coast.


The Gorse Fox is hot-desking. As a result he has little choice over where he sits, or who he sits with. He chose badly this morning. The woman to his left spends the whole time either speaking on the phone or crunching on raw carrots. It is most off-putting and very unpleasant.