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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Gorse Fox notes that Argentina lose with grace.... ok, he lied. It was a brawl.

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The Gorse Fox believes that Beloved Aunt is having trouble with leaving comments. GF would point out that when the comment is entered into the box, then it is important to scroll the window down and press the "Publish" button... otherwise GF doesn't get to see it!

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Germany -vs- Argentina

Classic quotes from the commentators, as the game progresses
"It is becoming increasing impossible to give any credibility to the Argentine play-acting".

"Their play-acting will only increase as the game goes on"

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Racing home

The Gorse Fox drove back from Wocester during the afternoon. He was amused by the fact that the traffic was being held up by a large lorry... that turned out to teh Red Bull Racing team. Rather ironic, particularly as it was having trouble keeping up with a car and caravan, with a sticker on the back announcing "British Lawnmower Racing".

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Just Pondering

The Gorse Fox has heard of "Open House" sales, "Garage" Sales, "Car Boot" sales, and even "Yard" sales... he has just driven past a house offering a "Fishpond" sale. This is a first for the Gorse Fox, and was pondering what might be available:
  • 3 goldfish, 1 living
  • old tennis ball
  • 3 kgs algae
  • 2 frogs
  • 750 kgs of slime
  • 4 sq. metres of butyl liner
  • 1 fibre-glass pond
  • 1 empty beer can

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The Gorse Fox sat in a quaint Tudor Indian Restaurant in Tewkesbury. Next to him was family - father, mother & two daughters. GF would guess they were 15 and 11.

By the end of his meal he wanted to go and shake the children firmly by the throat and the parents warmly by the hand and explain to them that "Yes, teenage girls can be absolutely horrible. But, God willing, they will grow out of it".

Particular things that he witnessed last night:
  • Disrespect
  • Manipulation (mum -vs- dad)
  • Lying (which is always so evident... but done with a certaintaint no one can detect it!)
  • Truculence
  • Rudeness
  • Tantrums

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The sun drops down towards the distant Malvern Hills. All is quiet, except for the excited calls of birds hunting for insects. The golf course is deserted, and the faint smell of a barbecue wafts across a perfect summer evening. Posted by Picasa
A busy day always seems to go quickly... but how can it be so late already?

Meetings tomorrow have been cancelled as Mother Superior is unwell. Too late to re-arrange things without incurring costs, so GF is staying put.

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The Gorse Fox walked in to breakfast at the hotel and bumped into Tony Robinson, helping himself from the buffet. They are evidently working on a Time Team investigation in the area, as GF noticed one of the Time Team Land Rovers parked in the car park.

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The Gorse Fox has another busy day in Worcester... but it's his (ageing) sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, sis... just in case GF doesn't get an opportunity to call.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The very restful view from GF's hotel window, in Tewkesbury.

Peeking through the trees in the centre of the photo (bisected by a branch) is a glimpse of the river. Posted by Picasa
The Gorse Fox is staying in Tewkesbury for the first time in ages. Though a little overcast, he had forgotten what a splendid view he gets from the hotel. It may be a lot further from Worcester, but it's lovely countryside.

Splendid meal in a local bistro "Aubergine". Definitely worth a further visit. Gorse Fox had to endure a great deal of abuse** from his younger colleagues. There's no respect for age and experience amongst the young!!!

**He deserved every bit of it.

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The Gorse Fox was intrigued to realise that this afternoon's meeting took place on National Siesta day... not that the meeting was not riveting, but afternoon meetings always take a little "effort".

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The Gorse Fox is frantically busy today, with wall to wall meeting in Worcester. Will try and catch up later.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Great Quotes of Our Time, 3

Mick McCarthy, commenting on the Switzerland -vs- Ukraine match, yesterday:
"They play parasitic football. They just sit there and wait for a mistake"


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Cheats never prosper? Just try telling that to an Italian

Having now seen the Italian dive that conned the referee and secured a last minute penalty against Australia, the Gorse Fox refers you to this article from the Times Online, written back in April, Cheats never prosper? Just try telling that to an Italian

Gorse Fox would like to point out that this is an extract from Gianluca Vialli's book "The Italian Job"
“In Italy at youth level you learn to be clever and tactically savvy,” says Marcello Lippi. “You play on Saturday and spend the whole week preparing for that one game. We are obsessed with results. It’s not like that in other countries. Elsewhere, they worry about playing and improving.”

The end justifies the means.
English fair play and sportsmanship is more than just a cliché. In terms of ethical football culture there is no doubt that Italy has more to learn from England than vice-versa.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Another new BBC Blog

A new Blog on the Block... The Editors:
Welcome to The Editors, a site where we, editors from across BBC News, will share dilemmas and issues that surround our services.

Interesting... GF wonders if it will include dilemmas and issues regarding truth and bias?

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Auld Reekie

Mother Superior is in Edinburgh today. Gorse Fox thought he should check in, as it's his first day back, so he called her on her mobile.
"Hello you" said Mother Superior
"Hello" said the Gorse Fox, "How's Auld Reekie?"

There was a long pause. Gorse Fox decided he should explain the Auld Reekie is an affectionate name for Edinburgh !!!

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It's raining again in West Sussex.

That's the second time in the last four weeks.

Will it never stop?

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Just headlines

Gorse Fox was thinking about the version of the news that you get purely from headlines (i.e. not reading the story beneath):

HeadlineSupposed Story
Israelis Mass on Gaza BorderHuge conversion of Israelis to Catholicism celebrated with Mass near Palestine
Sharias Prune Olive BranchIslam turns to Gardener's World
Study Shows Parkinson's link to PesticidesMichael quitting chat show to concentrate on his lawn.
Laser Treatment that removes fat in your lunch hourFirst new item of cutlery for years. Godsend for all dieters... but does it work on the evening meal also?
Tornado seen over DartmoorStill can't scramble the Eurofighter, then?

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Crews deal with common gorse fire

The Gorse Fox would like to assure his readers that he is safe and well, and was not the victime of this incident: Crews deal with common gorse fire

Nor is he common !

Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Cup Diving

The Gorse Fox has complained about the Argentina players... but now he has seen the diving Dutch he takes it all back.

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Oh Shutup!

Like the English (or maybe because of their heritage) Canadians are essentially polite people. Politeness and manners are the oil that lubricates human interactions. It can however go too far.

At this moment GF's family are probably 5 hours into their return flight to Toronto. GF's recollection of flying with Air Canada is that by now the Flight Deck, and the Cabin Crew have probably just finished their introductions in English and French to the people on board. It seems that virtually every member of the crew greets you and to make sure you are kept awake as long as possible, they do so in both languages. Give it ten minutes and they'll start the preparations for landing.

GF once flew there and was only one of three passengers on the plane. We were each greeted personally, and we were all English... but they still insisted on giving us the full spiel in both languages!!!

Just say Hello, and give the safety info in English... the flight is from Heathrow, after all. (Use french for flights from Paris.)
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Dangers of technology

Gorse Fox was disturbed by this report "Dell Investigates Report of Laptop Explosion".

Momentarily, brain stops reading the article... and ponders, images flashing before his eyes. GF is sitting there, watching TV, laptop on lap, reading blogs... then whoosh! It explodes! It doesn't bare thinking about. At the very least Gorse Fox's eyebrows would be singed... but he suspects more worrying damage could be caused.

Pictures of the flaming laptop were published this week on the tech site The Inquirer. The computer was on a table and no one was hurt.
Thank goodness... mental pictures tucked neatly away. Image of man running round conference centre with trousers on fire diminish.
Let's just hope this was a flash in the pan.
The Inquirer, which is published by VNU Business Publications, quoted an eyewitness who said the computer produced "several explosions for more than five minutes." The fire was put out with fire extinguishers.
Maybe future models should come with sprinkler systems? Or maybe that's why they're laptops.

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After a few days with the Gorse Fox's sister and her family, Beloved Aunt, Nutty Cousin and Squiffy Sarah should be queueing up at Heathrow just now for their flight home to Canada. It's been fun having them around, and they just blend in to the workings of the house... making them the perfect house-guests.

Next time we see them will probably be Urban-cub's wedding to Sir Lancinglot, in November.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Gorse Fox is watching the World Cup... Argentina-vs-Mexico. It is evident that Argentine players are more susceptible to gravity than other teams. It obviously surges in their presence, as the collapse to ground for no other apparent reason.

Having watched several "no contact" replays, even the commentator is mentioning it !

Well, GF guesses if they can make a national hero of a cheat who handles the ball into the net (and doesn't own up)... then such poor sportsmanship is endemic.

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Planted, II

Planter complete, the Silver Vixen lined it with horticultural fabric, and it was filled with as much multi-purpose composest as we had... which was not enough.

225 ltrs of compost almost filled the deeper planter, but we had none left for the shallow one, in front.

A token shrub was stuck in (temporarily), much as a climber plants a flag at the top of a mountain. Posted by Picasa


The Gorse Fox continues to create vast quantities of sawdust. The corner of the deck has already been remodelled and a two-level planter is beginning to take shape.

GF just had to check it was deep enough ! Posted by Picasa

Danger, labour

Gorse Fox always knew it was stupid to vote for Labour. He expected (and got):
  • Higher taxes
  • Less freedom
  • More interference
  • Bigger government
  • Fatuous politicians
  • Meaningless targets
  • Larger dependency culture
  • Piecemeal destruction of rural life
  • Poorer transport

What he wasn't expecting is that it is also dangerous. According to a report today, killings are up 35pc under Labour.

Where did I leave the kevlar underwear?

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Friday, June 23, 2006

The Gorse Fox and Silver Vixen are to attend a 60th Birsthday Party in a few weeks. This is to be a themed affair, and this worries GF. The theme - a celebrity or character from film. With this in mind GF & SV went to their local dress hire emporium to see what may suit.

We could of course, just go as ourselves... and be mistaken for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but that didn't seem to be entering the spirit of the event. GF tried on some US Navy Whites, maybe Tom Cruise?... but they were too tight (he is quite small, after all). Being SO much younger than our hosts we have to be conscious of the age gap... maybe Bogart & Bacall? Eventually we did decide on something more fitting to age of hosts.

All will be revealed in a couple of weeks.
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Underwater volcano found by Italy

Underwater volcano found by Italy
That's where I left it !

Apparently, this volcano, 25 miles off the coast of Sicily, is pretty big.
The volcano's base covers an area larger than Rome, and it's higher than Paris' Eiffel Tower with one peak only seven metres below the sea's surface.

Tell us what you really think...

Gorse Fox was amused by this week's rant from Littlejohn in the Mail. This week he focusses on parking enforcement, and the vast sums gathered by the decriminalised parking regime.
"Most of it goes on wages. Town Hall traffic departments are stuffed with scruffy cycling enthusiasts, sexual inadequates, otherwise unemployable polytechnic graduates and certifiable tree-hugging 'environmentalists'. Their policies are dictated by misanthropic megalomaniacs such as Red Ken and madwomen who believe everything they read in the Guardian"

Do you sense he is less than happy.

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Note to Self

Gorse Fox pens this note to self:
Learn to read the time without your glasses. Then you won't get up at 6:30 instead of 7:30 when on vacation.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Catching the rays

The deck might be out of the sun by seven in the evening... but the bottom corner of the garden will keep it for another couple of hours. Posted by Picasa

All Hands, Evidence

Photographic evidence that the deck is about finished.

By seven in the evening it is out of the sun, but it does manage to catch it for a good eleven or twelve hours at this time of year.

As explained earlier... the planters are next on the agenda. Posted by Picasa

All Hands

The Gorse Fox has spent the day finishing off the risers for the deck. Job done. Deck finished. He is now concentrating on some planters that the Silver Vixen has requested.

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Some things pass the Gorse Fox by. He has just realise that the UK Passport Service has been vested as a government "Identity & Passport Agency".

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nights will be drawing in, then?

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The Gorse Fox is watching Nederlands-vs-Argentina. Seeing the Argentine players, it is evident there is a sniper in the crowd, firing self-healing rounds.

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Gorse Fox has been analyzing some of the thoughts and subjects that have been exercising the blogosphere over the past few days... jihad, Scots heroes beating up kids & the disabled for wearing England shirts, letters to Canada's Prime Minister and so forth.

What has become absolutely clear is that multiculturalism is no more than politically correct tribalism. It does not foster good relations or understanding. It builds walls of misunderstanding and distrust and will lead to conflict - particularly among the ignorant and the easily led.

Multiculturalism is discredited.

2,000 years of English history have taught us that integration and respect are the way forward. Everyone should be welcome, but should become integrated in the language, the way of life, and the values of their new homeland (wherever that may be). The trendy liberals of the past 30 years should hang their heads in shame as yet another of their ridiculous concepts has sacrificed a generation on their bonfire of vanities.

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Gordon Brown The Robber Baron has now managed to raise the tax burden on every household, by 45% since The New Labour Party of Sleaze and Depravity came to power. According to the Centre for Policy Studies, this means an average increase of £6,000 per household.

Oh yes, and they predict it will increase by another £2000 - £2500 by 2010.

The Treasury said the research was economically illiterate garbage - na-na-ni-na-na.

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According to a report today, one in ten pensioners have to live on £8.49 per day afetr paying their utility bills. Soaring household bills (fuel & council tax) are eating into the pension...

But don't worry. Tony Blair's & Gordon Brown's pension are protected and not subject to an earnings cap. Oh yes, and Gordon Brown is still raiding private pension schemes at a rate of about £7Bn per annum.

Remind the Gorse Fox why we voted for these people... Oh yes, that's right, he didn't.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Gorse Fox is watching the football.
There's Englands only other striker, Theo Walcott. He's got a provisional driving license.

That's what you need, incisive commentary... absolutely relevant to the proceedings

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The Robber Baron

The Gorse Fox sees that the Robber Baron "Brown faces pension 'raid' demand". According to BBC Online:
Chancellor Gordon Brown has been ordered to reveal the secret forecasts he was given about the impact of his pensions "grab" in 1997.

Oh yes...
Critics have claimed that Mr Brown wiped billions of pounds off the value of pension funds when he scrapped the tax credit measure.
Well, not to put too fine a point on it, he has condemned thousands of careful people to an old age in relative poverty as so many pension funds have been closed.
...the Treasury turned down the [original] request, saying officials' advice to ministers was exempt from freedom of information laws.
But the FOI Commissioner
says the Treasury's concerns are outweighed by the need for transparency in the decision making process.
Reading on, it is clear why the Treasury is concerned:
If the papers are published, the public will be able to compare the Treasury's private forecasts with what it said publicly.
Ooops, could this imply the public is not getting the truth, the whole truth, or anything like the truth?

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A final stroll for our guests brought us to a field of flax. The light blue flowers shimmered in the breeze, and the huge field looked like a lake.

Leaving the flax behind, we headed back to the beach and walked to where the original village had been (before being washed away).

It was over too quickly, and before we had time to draw breath, the Gorse Fox was watching the train pull away... and the visit was over. Posted by Picasa
Broomsticks were parked out of sight before this group photo. Posted by Picasa

Fierce Cowards

The Times Online tells us of a recent battle in Afghanistan where
Taleban use children as shields to fight British.

Snivelling cowards, beyond contempt.
The Telegraph reports on the West Lothian Question today.
Growing anger in England over the power that Scottish MPs wield at Westminster could destroy the 1998 devolution settlement, a powerful Commons committee said yesterday.
Well there's a thing! The Commons may, after all, have an inkling of what the electorate feel!
A YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph in 2004 found that 67 per cent of people believed Scottish MPs should not be able to vote on matters affecting only England and Wales.

Only 67%? Were the rest out claiming benefits?
Resentment at the powers the Scots exercise over English affairs is compounded, many MPs say, by claims that English taxpayers subsidise people in Scotland because the country is thinly populated, making services more expensive to run.

No HOLD ON ! What do you mean CLAIMS that the English taxpayer subsidises Scotland. This isn't a CLAIM it's an outright fact.

Gorse Fox, as he has expressed before, believes in fair play. He loves Scotland. He loves the Scots. But fair is fair, he doesn't want to pay for their kids' University Fees or the care of their elderly people whilst our governement insists we pay for our own

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A promising start to the day, though the forecast for this evening and tomorrow is not good. Our little cluster of Maple Leaves will be leaving us today to head up to London for a few days, and then will meet up with Gorse Fox's sister and her family before finally returning to the West.

Ok, just concentrate, be polite, and remain on your best behaviour for a few more days.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

The skyline of the Pavillion is superb Posted by Picasa
The Minarets, chimneys, and towers of the Pavillion. Posted by Picasa

Far Pavillions

Back in the centre of Brighton we strolled through the grounds of the Pavillion Posted by Picasa


If you were, would you advertise it? Posted by Picasa

El Patio

Lunch was at El Patio at Brighton Marina... and as we left, the weather had brightened, so it seemed like a good excuse for a group photo. Posted by Picasa
Gorse Fox couldn't be sure, but thought he heard his Nutty Cousin mutter something about her brother as we passed this sand sculpture. Posted by Picasa


Gorse Fox couldn't help but think of the ODPM and the RPA as he reviewed this photo. Posted by Picasa

Government IT Projects

This reminds the Gorse Fox of Government IT projects... lots of people with tons to say. Few with any more value than the sand that made up this model. Posted by Picasa
Sarah was missing her dad. Then we came across this model... and she felt a lot better. Posted by Picasa


It was good to see that the artists took security seriously, and provided their own legion of security guards. Posted by Picasa
Inside the marquee, we were astounded by the scale and detail of the edifices that had been constructed from such a simple, yet volatile commodity - sand.

This image represents all roads leading to Rome. Rome being the theme of this year's exhibit. Posted by Picasa

Blowing in the Wind

It was a bit breezy, still overcast, and cool when the Gorse Fox got to Brighton. Cousteau-cub joined the party and we made for the eastern end of Madeira Drive.

Here lay 10,000 tons of imported sand from Holland that had been carefully sculpted into incredible shapes forthe World's Biggest Sand Sculpture Festival.

Here, Beloved Aunt poses with Nutty Cousin and Cousteau-cub in front of what he assumes to be Neptune. Posted by Picasa
A bit overcast here on the Coast this morning. Gorse Fox will probably take his extended family to Brighton for the day. (It's nice to have a week off).

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Gorse Fox has just heard a story from Beloved aunt.
She was at school in Loughborough during WWII... and hated it. So she ran away with a friend. This was well planned, as she had taken a bottle of marmite, and a handkerchief on which was growing watercress and mustard. All went well until she got to the gates, which were locked.

So ended the great escape.

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Young Sarah checks that wormcasts are not in fact worms. Gorse Fox is not convinced that she was ever really sure that the sand sculpture left by the burrowing worms and razor shells was totally benign. Posted by Picasa

Kigston Gorse

Looking up at Kingston Gorse from the low water line. Posted by Picasa
Broomsticks left behind, the girls headed for the beach. Posted by Picasa

Ecclesiastical Equality

Gorse Fox noticed female altar servers at the cathedral this morning. What a good idea. Someone to do the dishes !!!

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Can government run IT projects?

BBC Online asks: Can government run IT projects?

The Gorse Fox answers: No

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jet-lag cuaght up with Beloved Aunt early in the evening, but the girls from the ice-shelf soldiered on until sated by Chinese food.

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Despite intense pressure, the Gorse Fox decided this photo needed a wider audience. Posted by Picasa
The Silver Vixen and Beloved Aunt having lunch... Posted by Picasa