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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hanging Around

The Gorse Fox was up first. Ellie was just stirring, and the Silver Vixen seemed to be deeply asleep. The Gorse Fox went down and opened up. Jasper's bowl was refreshed and Ellie's breakfast made ready for her appearance. Kettle was filled, coffee maker primed. The Gorse Fox then snuck back to his study and read the paper on the computer. It was about an hour later that everyone else sprung to life.

Pistol Pete would be coming to collect Ellie late morning, but we still had time to feed her and play with her and even put her down for a nap.

While Ellie was napping the Gorse Fox went back to the various changes in the lounge. There was still the Sky-Q box to re-home. The drawer beneath the media held was removed and a large hole drilled through the back of the draw and the cabinet. Cables and wires were fed through and the box was slotted into the drawer. Everything was now hidden away. The plan has finally come to fruition. Bright, uncluttered, and clean lines with now wires or control boxes showing, the room now looks very tidy.

During the afternoon (with Ellie back home with Pistol Pete) the Silver Vixen dug out a collection of frames and prints that she wanted hanging. We planned the layout on the wall (of the upstairs landing) and the Gorse Fox attached the picture rings to each of the frames and using picture wire strung the frames. With everything measured the first five pictures are up... the last three await intervention form the Silver Vixen as they will contain some of her projects.

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