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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Full day

It's been a fairly full day. The Gorse Fox first woke at 5:45 and misread the time, think it was 6:45. He leapt out of bed, put on his glasses and then saw the real time. (Brain had clearly reset to GMT overnight).

An hour later he was up, again. This time he stayed upright and went down for coffee and breakfast. Being Tuesday there was football to play. The turnout wasn't as good as usual and we ended up with two teams of 9 rather than four teams of 5 or 6. The trouble with 9 is that the pitch is too crowded and the game can become like pinball. Anyway, we had three games. The Gorse Fox's team in black won the first, lost the second, and drew the third. Fairly well balanced, really. The second hour of football was cancelled as the Gorse Fox was the only player willing to stay on and play for another hour in the heat.

Back home the Silver Vixen had had a morning with her sewing but that was interrupted by an unexpected delivery.

Well, when we say unexpected we actually mean it was expected, but not until tomorrow. It was a good job she was in. The delivery drivers were in the area and hoped they could drop off our stuff today to save them having to stay overnight in an hotel and then deliver tomorrow.

No, they are not coffins.

We had ordered some new units for the living room.
The Gorse Fox looked at the weight stamped on the boxes and realised he would need help. He called on Old Bill who came over to lend some muscle.

The units went together quite easily and have both cupboards, a drawer, and a drop-down compartment for the various media units. (At least that was the plan). It didn't take too long to get them assembled and moved into position.

What did take a while was rerouting all of the wires and cables and then getting the TV and the Sky-Q all working again happily.

Finally it's done and everything is setup in readiness for the England football tonight.

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