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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Another hot one

Well it's been another day in the 30s. Wonderful weather, but the Gorse Fox has to feel sorry for the hordes of people heading for the Witterings. The queues stretch all the way from A27 tailbacks, across the peninsula, down to the coast. Not a good day to be sat in traffic!

Some would argue that it wasn't really an ideal day for playing football either. The Gorse Fox disagrees. So it was that he headed across to Ford for this morning's game. The Gorse Fox was playing for the yellow team today. The personnel split looked troublesome and so it turned out. Though the Gorse Fox scored a goal in the first half, we were 6-2 down at half time and everyone was feeling the heat.

The second half started badly with two goals conceded almost immediately, but then we started to claw things back. The Gorse Fox scored a second goal and provided assist for a couple more. The Orange team were tiring, but we kept going. In the end there was only one goal in it. The trouble is it was Orange who managed to score 10, to Yellow's 9. Never mind it was great fun.

Back home it's been a quiet afternoon, though the Gorse Fox did manage to have a short online chat with Cousteau-Cub. We discussed, briefly, the rescue efforts for the Thai children trapped in the caves. Cousteau-Cub knows on of the rescue divers and confirms that it really is as dreadful as your imagination pictures. Some of the crawls, under water, in pitch black, are only 70cm wide. The Gorse Fox goes cold and shudders even at the thought of it.

Cousteau-Cub also explained that the tourist boat that went down in the storm off Phuket this week is lying in 48m of water and there are still numerous bodies that haven't been found. The Thai Navy are involved in the recovery.

Meanwhile, Urban-Cub and Pistol Pete went down to the beach, at Littlehampton, with Ellie. Clearly they had a wonderful time. Ellie enjoyed paddling and also had a ride on the road train. The photos and videos were just charming.

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