Monday, December 22, 2014

Noon Image: 22 Dec 2014

The Big One - Manic Monday

The media seem besotted with the idea of naming days Black Friday, Panic Saturday and so forth. Well today we are embarking on Manic Monday. Today we plan to do the pre-Christmas food shopping, and with guests on Christmas, Boxing, Boxing+1, and Boxing+2 days we have a fair bit to cram into the trolley. Using his pre-loaded store card (an on-going benefit from Starfleet) the Gorse Fox and Silver Vixen should be able to complete the trolley-dash and get a 6% saving... not a fortune, but it all helps.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Noon Image: 21 Dec 2014

Deck the Halls

Well actually we decked the hall, lounge, and family room. Yesterday saw the retrieval of the crates of decorations from the garage, and the Christmas tree from the loft. Several hours later the Silver Vixen had worked her magic and the house was dressed and ready for the season.

Now, the Gorse Fox would stress this was internal decoration. With the exception of a Christmas wreath, there is no external decoration of the house. In general, GF finds that to be difficult to get right. Some subtle lighting can look nice, and even some spectacular lighting as we often see in the US. Too often, however, we find poorly executed, tacky decoration that is badly designed and looks just dreadful. Rather than get it wrong, we have opted for the minimalist approach.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Noon Image: 20 Dec 2014


Well TV coverage hasn't exactly been Match of the Day, but in case you are interested in seeing more walking football, here is a video that the Silver Vixen shot last month when we were playing at the Ford Football Arena -

Friday, December 19, 2014

Lights, Camera... Action

The Gorse Fox has tracked down the TV clip from our walking football tournament. It was a short 4-5 minute segment in a longer programme. If you are desperate to see it, then view from Latest TV (Brighton). The clip in question start at about 1:08:00 into the recording. (The observant may be able to pick out the Gorse Fox wandering about aimlessly in a light blue bib).

(With thanks to Matt, the following link should take you directly to a YouTube clip of the relevant recording: )

Noon Image: 19 Dec 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014


The man from Ocado delivered the week's groceries and once it was stowed away, we headed to Chi for some shopping. We were still looking for a suitable set of glass tables and decided to revisit some stores we had previously discounted. Well, perhaps we need not have bothered, there was still no suitable solution to be found.

We carried on to the town centre to get some last Christmas presents. this proved to be a lot quicker than expected - so we made use of the extra time with a nice lunch at Trents. It was busy, but they found us a table almost immediately. The menu had light bites as well as some Christmas specials. We both settled for a Christmas club Sandwich - with turkey, stuffing, lettuce, apple chutney, and french fries. This, though simple, was both delicious and very satisfying.

Whilst out the Gorse Fox also managed to find and purchase some goal-keeping gloves. Whilst he doesn't want to play in goal week after week - he doesn't mind doing it occasionally, and doesn't want to hurt his hands again as he did a few weeks ago.

Noon Image: 18 Dec 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox have been looking for a set of glass side tables. We have looked in local stores and major stores in Southampton but have not seen anything we really liked. Finally, the Gorse Fox found a range at an online retailer which exactly fitted the bill. The website, however, had some errors so Gorse Fox phoned them to place the order.

They were out of stock.

The Gorse Fox said he would place an order for when they re-stocked. The lady said that first she would check on when they would be coming in. Ten minutes later they phoned - the supplier had discontinued the range.


We headed to our local furniture store and reviewed all of their ranges... but there was nothing that suited us.

Back to searching the internet.

Noon Image: 17 Dec 2014

In charge

The Silver Vixen is out at Pilates and the Gorse Fox has no football today. GF is at home under the command of Jasper the Cat (GF knows his place). A few early chores are complete - feeding him, watering him, letting him out, letting him back in. Jasper has now gone for a nap, so GF awaits his next command. In the meantime he's trying to contact Cousteau-cub online to see how she is... fruitlessly, so far.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The low but bright winter sun made it difficult to see other players in the football. You could make out their silhouettes, but not who they were or what colour they were wearing. This made for some interesting mistakes but GF is not complaining. It was nice to have such a bright day.

Noon Image: 16 Dec 2014


The Apple mouse provided with the Gorse Fox's iMac is a frustrating device and can be very unforgiving on certain websites or spreadsheets as it jogs up or across from the target link or cell if you are not careful. This drives the Gorse Fox mad. Yesterday, yet again, the batteries ran out in the mouse and he didn't have any spares. He plugged in his little Logitech mouse and receiver - et voila, he has a mouse that works and is far more usable. This may become a permanent fixture.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Many inches of newsprint and many reports on the broadcast news have been dedicated to scaring the public regarding their online purchases not arriving in time for Christmas. The Online retailers are overloaded, the parcel companies are overloaded, there is a huge backlog... and so forth.

So it was, with a degree of surprise, the Gorse Fox answered the door three times today to deliveries of online purchases - none of which was even scheduled for delivery before tomorrow. Now he doesn't advocate leaving things too late, but suggests taking notice of the delivery projections when shopping online.

He notices that his first purchase from Amazon in the UK was in 1998, so GF has been at it for quite a while; he does think, however, that he had purchased from Amazon US even earlier.

Noon Image: 15 Dec 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Noon Image: 14 Dec 2014


Some things drive the Gorse Fox ape.

There is no football this morning, so the Gorse Fox got on with some admin. Most of his admin he has down to a fine art, this however was something different.

This was a letter from a US investment organisation who manage the GF's Starfleet investments requesting that he update his US Tax information. Somehow he knew this would not be straightforward. Somehow he knew they would not be as sophisticated as the UK systems. And so it proved to be true.

Once he found the form he was told he could print it out and fill it in or fill it in online. The latter seemed sensible, until he completed the form and found he still had to print it, sign it, and then post or fax it. Evidently the use of electronic forms is still a bit of mystery to the US IRS... and so the form will be received in some fax machine somewhere and then probably transcribed by a human.

Please accept the Gorse Fox's scorn, by proxy (fax), as a slap round the head can sometimes offend.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Home Alone

The Silver Vixen is out with her coven. The skies of Durrington are probably darkened by the arrivals and departures of the broomsticks laden with fabrics and spells.

The Gorse Fox is sheltering at home with Jasper the Cat (the Silver Vixen's Familiar). He's not taking any chances. With such a gathering only a few miles away there is the real prospect of a rip in the fabric of the universe... and even they won't have enough cotton to sew that up.

Noon Image: 13 Dec 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Noon Image: 12 Dec 2014

For the avoidance of doubt

The Gorse Fox notices that there is a great deal of speculation regrading transfer dealings in the upcoming football transfer window. He would like to make it quite clear that it doesn't matter how much they offer, he will not be tempted by any offers from Arsenal. One has to maintain some level of loyalty, decorum, self-worth, and self respect.


Well that was meant to be a very stormy night. The Gorse Fox notes that in the old house this would have been very noisy as the winds slammed into the dwelling and drafts made their way round the from room to room. Here, however, the only noise was the gentle snoring of the Silver Vixen and Jasper the Cat. Obviously, the house is in a more sheltered position, but also it is well insulated and virtually air-tight. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Noon Image: 11 Dec 2014


The Gorse Fox took a couple of pictures at the Brighton & Hove Albion training centre yesterday.
 The facilities are very modern and sponsored by American Express.
We were not using the "Elite" indoor facilities though.
GF is not complaining. The outdoor all-weather pitches were excellent. All third generation astro-turf and kept in perfect condition.

Six-weekly tournament here will be quite nice, particularly when the new changing room block is completed alongside.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Well the tournament was fun and we ended up playing 6 matches. The Gorse Fox is suitably tired and aches in places he had forgotten he had. Not quite sure how it worked out as it was a bit informal but pretty certain we came 2nd in the overall tournament. GF's team winning 1-0, drawing, 0-0, losing 2-1, winning 2-0, drawing 1-1, and losing 2-1.

Brighton & Hove Albion plan to host these tournaments every six weeks, so it should be fun moving forward. 

Noon Image: 10 Dec 2014

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Football was at Worthing today. Good turn out so we had 4 teams and played a round-robin tournament in preparation for tomorrow. The Gorse Fox made sure he was teamed up with Captain Jack (as we usually end up on opposing sides - and that doesn't help prepare us to play together).

First game went well with a 6-2 win. Second game was 3-0 to us and final game was also 3-0 to us. Let's hope we can be as successful tomorrow.

Noon Image: 9 Dec 2014