Friday, June 24, 2016

Slow progress

The code is progressing and the Gorse Fox is beginning to understand the relationships between the different parts of the WordPress database tables. He has had to include an extra table to use as a cross-reference between this blog and the private one.

There are still problems with some of the SQL logic that have to be ironed out but that will shake-out during testing.

The code is stretching to about 1000 lines so far and there's a long way to go. At least he can reset the database at the drop of a hat as he has kept an empty version as backup.

The Silver Vixen has been at a work shop today, but now she's back we are planning to go out for dinner tonight with the neighbours as it is one of their birthdays today. Meanwhile, the Urban-Cub has a few days off so has come round for a visit.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Good progress

The Gorse Fox has made a lot of progress today. The problem he had been experiencing handling links in the new private (though still empty) blog turned out to be an apache module that hadn't been enabled and a security file that hadn't been built. With that sorted, the Gorse Fox could return to the actual blog content and wrote the next part of the routine that will write the blog posts. As before, all of the database calls are currently disabled so that he can see what is going on without actually hitting the database tables.

The next steps in the development will be to modify any internal blog-post to blog-post web links. The code can already identify these links "in-flight" but they still need to be modified to their new details (once the Gorse Fox has worked out what they will be).

When the Silver Vixen got back from her hair appointment in Chichester, we took the opportunity to walk round to the Polling Station to cast our votes in the EU Referendum. If you do not vote you have no say. If you do not vote you cannot complain. Apathy is the toxic to democracy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The Gorse Fox had football. It was damp and there was light rain making things miserable. Despite this, we had a good turnout. The sides were well balanced and the Gorse Fox was doing well. He had swerved round a couple of tackles and had a couple of shots on target (though stopped). The next time he got the ball he side-stepped and did a slick turn along the touch line. This is when it all went a bit wrong. One of the opponents was clearly going to stop the Gorse Fox at any cost and barrelled across the pitch and smashed into him. The Gorse Fox took off and crashed into the fence. An expletive was heard as the Gorse Fox tried to get up. He had a dead leg. So it was that he spent the rest of the game in goal - unable to push off from his left leg (which even now, several hours later, it very sore). He was not a happy bunny.

We ordered some new planters several days ago. They were due to arrive between Friday and next Tuesday. They actually turned up today. That's service.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


John Lewis are have a clearance sale. As honoured customers we were invited to come and raid the shop prior to normal opening. So it was that at 8:00 this morning we wandered into the Chichester store and started our raid. The Silver Vixen had a list of things to pick up - all of which seemed to have offers. An hour later we left, clutching our goods, satisfied that we had saved some money (given that we needed these items anyway).

The Gorse Fox headed straight to Worthing for his regular football. This went, much as usual, to the script. The Gorse Fox ended up on a team with heart rather than hope... and ended up losing all six games. To add injury to insult he has stirred up his weak ankle and is feeling sore. However at least he (and his team) all played better than some of the England squad last night. In fact even Dennis, who walks on crutches and sits an watches the games, would be more effective that Jack Wilshere was.

The afternoon has been spent progressing with his code. Lots to do still, but making progress.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fang Farrier

The Silver Vixen was at the dentist this morning so the Gorse Fox took the opportunity to accompany her to Chichester and while she was being tortured, he went to the bank, the shops, and grabbed a coffee.

The banks are becoming more automated and now you are greeted by an array of machines that can handle most transactions. The Gorse Fox had a cheque to deposit (it's so nice to have got rid of the Timeshare and actually got a rebate form the fees). The problem is that depositing cheques is such a rare occurrence that the Gorse Fox always has to ask for guidance... and would probably be better off going straight to the cashier to start with.

Once all was done the Silver Vixen met up in the coffee shop and once properly caffeinated we headed to Hillier's. We had reserved an hydrangea last week and had been informed of its arrival. It looks very promising now, back on the deck, snuggling by the fence - though the Gorse Fox suspects that it will be moved in the next few days.

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice arrive a day early this year (because it's a leap year)... and has started with heavy rain. It looks as if it might brighten up a bit later.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


With Cousteau-Cub living in Thailand, it is difficult for all of the family to get together for Father's Day. What is possible though is for us all to make contact. So it was today. Cousteau-Cub used Facebook to leave the Gorse Fox a message and managed to phone (using Viber) for a quick chat. Meanwhile, Urban-Cub and her family joined us for lunch at The Gribble Inn. It was a lovely day and the Gorse Fox felt spoilt.

In other matters, the code has developed further but the Gorse Fox has noticed a problem in the output - several blog posts, of the thousand or so in his test, seem to have random chunks of text missing. He suspects this is going to take some tracking down.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


The Gorse Fox got a brief email from Cousteau-Cub. She had been to the doctor, in Trang. It appears that her bought of illness over the past week or so is actually the result of peptic ulcer caused by the prolonged use of the medication she takes. Looks like she is going to have a very bland diet for the next month or so whilst she takes more medication to sort out the ulcer.

Most of the rest of the day was spent getting very frustrated trying to get simple bits of code to work. This is code that, in his preferred language, he could code and test in two or three minutes. Writing in this different language it took the whole day to get the right incantation. Never mind, in the end he sorted it out, and tomorrow he can make progress.

The evening was spent with a bit of binge-watching. We made the most of our Amazon Prime subscription and waded through a batch of Bosch (Season2) episodes. We have saved the last two episodes for another evening, but have thoroughly enjoyed the series.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Dodging showers

The Silver Vixen is out with her coven today. They have pooled transport and taken just one large broomstick up to the Quilt Show at Sundown Park. This meant that Jasper has been left in charge, and the Gorse Fox is around to make sure he is fed.

There have been some torrential showers this morning, and as this is written, there is thunder rattling round. There was, however, a brief respite mid-morning and the Gorse Fox took the opportunity to walk round to the shops to recycle some Nespresso pods and to pick up some cash from the ATM. The sun was shining through his little trip, but soon disappeared when he got home.

AT home he has been working (and he uses that word in its loosest term) on his current code project. As explained, a lot was dependent on getting to use OAuth 2.0. Well, the Gorse Fox can report that he has cracked it and his basic code is now working. He can now successfully access his blog from a program. Now the basic framework is in place, he will refine the code over the next few days.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Very Wet

Well today there was a bit of a change. The bright start soon gave way to wave after wave of heavy rain. Not very conducive to going outside, so the Gorse Fox stayed in to write code and then watch the football.

The code is now, no more than a series of ideas which are dependant on the Gorse Fox mastering the Google APIs. There seems to be so much conflicting advice that this could take some time. (Well, it's not as if he has to go to work!)

The afternoon's football, between England and Wales, was a bit of a heart-in-mouth game, with an England winner in the last minute or so. A good game by both teams, but England do need to get a bit more clinical in front of goal.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Hillier Gardens won a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show this year. Today we had the chance to go along to the local Hillier Centre to see one of their managers talk about how they go about putting their display together. It was an excellent talk and fascinating information. They have several teams with up to about 40 people working on the site for 12 days. Huge lorries are dispatched to arrive at 9, 10, and 11 day after day. In the end they sent some 4,500 plants, using about 2,500 thereof; there was 35 tons of rock, 7 tones of bark, and heavens knows what else. The chap also talked about some of the specific stars of their display - Acer Moonrise, some dianthus, some hydrangeas and so forth. It was an excellent couple of hours.

Leaving Hillier we found that a couple of new acers had leapt into our trolley.

The afternoon was spent with a touch of pruning the existing acer s, then up to the study to rebuild "peregrine". The rebuild, using the new configurator, took about 30 minutes from scratch. Next step will be to automate the backup of the database before the Gorse Fox starts to build the blog.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The Gorse Fox had his regular football appointment this morning. As usual the two hours were split into two separate sessions. The first session was fairly unsuccessful - three games, two losses and a draw. The second session was better - a win, a draw and a loss. The Gorse Fox was pleased to score a couple of the goals in our win, and was pleased with his performance over all.

The afternoon was quiet and much of it was spent at the keyboard. The Gorse Fox started with a fresh download of the Master image for his RPi. Then he ran through the automatic configurator. It ran through without any problems and we ended up with a clean build of "tawnyowl", running a WordPress blog. Now the plan is to use this as a test bed, whilst rebuilding "peregrine" using the same system.

Monday, June 13, 2016


The day seemed to be configured with rain. There were occasional dry bits and even some sun, but the overall view was wet.

The Gorse Fox spent much of the day at the computer. The RPI Configurator needed some refinement and the Gorse Fox started building the Pi again from scratch a couple of times just to prove that the system worked. It does.

Now the Gorse Fox has configured WordPress and phpmyadmin. The process for these needs to be added to the automated process - but that's a project for later in the week. Once that's done the Gorse Fox will use the process to rebuild the Pi known as "peregrine". This is planned to be the long-term private blog server. Once instantiated, the Gorse Fox will have to write the code that will enable him to transfer his existing public and private blogs to "peregrine".

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chatting and Jealousy

Nice episode of online chat with Cousteau-Cub this morning. It's always nice to catch up with her and get all the news from Koh Lanta. We decided that we wouldn't meet up with her in Bali in September, as we had previously discussed. The logistics were just too complex, given their time limitations and need to move about from place to place. We will probably leave it until early next year, then go and visit her in Thailand.

It was nice to play football in the dry, despite the rain. The Gorse Fox has come to the conclusion that his team mates are jealous of his boyish good looks (either that or he has a case of sympathy for Beloved Aunt and his Little Sis). Twice he was hit in the face by the ball from almost point blank. He now has a small cut under one eye and a bruise on the side of the bridge of his nose. It's such a good thing that he wears the safety glasses. All in all, despite the injuries, it was a good game and the Gorse Fox scored several goals in his sides 10-7 win.

Had a lovely afternoon taking tea at the neighbours'. They have just returned from holiday and it was a chance to catch up and to hear all about the Caribbean in the Spring, Sandals, and Virgin Atlantic (First Class). It all sounds wonderful and as it was a celebration of their Ruby Anniversary, we're glad that they had a great time.


Well after a couple of weeks of good weather, the Gorse Fox has woken up to heavy rain. It's a good job that today's football is indoors.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


The Gorse Fox has been stuck to his keyboard all day. What was thought to be a moderately simple task has turned in to a bit of a mission. The utility he wanted to us on "tawnyowl" has not be built for the this platform. No worries, the Gorse Fox has access to the development files and thought he would just do the build himself. Not something he has done since the late 1980s but surely it would come back to him, once he started.

It did. It came back to him what a dogs dinner the tooling was for this style of machine. Each time he took another step forward, another set of pre-reqs reared their head. Each had to be installed then he could retry. This went on for hours. Finally he has got it working (to a point) and the utility is now built and the test program runs. Time, he thinks, for a clean up of the system image. Even that seems to be taking an inordinate length of time.