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Wednesday, December 11, 2019


It was not the most auspicious start to the day. The Gorse Fox had been up and about and the Silver Vixen was getting ready for Pilates. He thought he would be helpful and went out to defrost the car. Feeling smug, he came back indoors and made a coffee for her to take with her as she left. What a good and caring husband he was. She soon left and the Gorse Fox grabbed his things for football.

Loading the car he started yup and reversed out of the garage. The car felt decidedly sluggish. He checked the handbrake. No. That was off. He puzzled a bit and carried on, off the drive and headed along the Crescent. The car was still sluggish. A sixth sense told him something was up. He looked in the rearview mirror. Behind him was a lump in the road and a trail of something indiscernible. He stopped. The lump in the road was a sack of cat litter. The trails of stuff was cat litter pellets. The sack had been on the garage floor and the car must have snagged it and dragged it along beneath. Oh dear.

At this point its dawned on the Gorse Fox that there had been three sacks of cat litter. He checked under the car. The other two sacks were there, happily spilling their contents on the road. The Gorse Fox retrieved the sacks and grabbed a broom. He then spent 10 minutes sweeping the road to clear the worst of the pellets out of the way. He left and went to football.

Luck continued in the same vein. As we gathered, the heavens opened and we endured heavy rain throughout the first half. As it happens, worse was to come. Nevertheless, at half time it was 3-0 to the Gorse Fox's orange team and he managed to contribute one of those goals. The second half started in blinding winter sunshine and finished in sleet and hail. We also conceded three goals so it ended up as 3-3.

Back home the rain had caused the errant cat litter pellets to swell and turn to mush. The Gorse Fox grabbed a brush and returned to try and clean the road a bit more. In the end he gave up, it was clearly a task that mother nature would complete without further intervention.

The afternoon has been spent working on the menus and shopping lists for entertaining over Christmas... and this evening the Gorse Fox has the football club's Xmas Dinner (heaven help him).

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