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Monday, May 20, 2019


The day on the beach has been enjoyed with the background beat of thunder, which has rattled around all day without actually coming to anything. The Silver Vixen has been wading through another book, but the Gorse Fox has just been people watching and admiring the glass-like surface of the sea and the gentle lapping of the waves as they caress the beach.

We broke into our busy schedule for some lunch at the beach bar and the the Gorse Fox went to the travel office to see if there was a deal to be done for next year. He has some quotes but, as yet, the airlines haven't released their premium economy prices. It's funny, before we got here we thought we'd go somewhere different next year, but we find this so relaxing and quiet that, once here, we decided we'd probably come back if we can get a good deal.

The Gorse Fox popped into the photographer to look at the formal photos that had been taken. They were excellent so he purchased the lot and has a CD with the images as well as digital copies sent by email.

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