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Friday, May 10, 2019

All Change

Well the room swap went through withoutany problems, but it did take a little longer than expected. We are nowesconced in one of the prime rooms on the resort. With wonderful views over the bay from our balcony, we can turn and through another window we can see out to the west. It really is rather lovely.

We had a quiet morning with our books and then met with the travel re. She was only checking in to make sure everything was in order, but we met with her to ensure we knew who to contact if we needed help. It seemed a bit pointless as you every wish is taken care of by the resort staff.

We met with Scully and Mulder for lunch - coconut shrimp, of course - and a beer, then headed back to the beach. The sky looked a bit threatening for a while, but it never amounted to anything. The Gorse Fox decided to hit the water and spent about 45 minutes or so swimming and chatting with Scully.

We're back in the room now, properly unpacked, and getting ready to meet Scully and Mulder for cocktails and 'Jamaican Night' dinner.

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