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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Just Us

It was sad to see Scully and Mulder leave this morning. It has been a lovely week with them and certainly we would love to meet up with them again for another holiday. As Mulder will be retiring at the end of October, hopefully we should be able to arrange something.

We had a word with our butler. We want to visit Firefly. It's not one of the standard tours available at the resort, but needless to say the butler has managed to arrange the trip for us tomorrow.

We spent much of the day on the beach with our books. We did manage to have video calls with Urban-cub and Ellie, and later with Cousteau-cub. It was nice to catch up and to see Ellie (who was a little more forthcoming this time). Cousteau-cub managed to catch us as we were finishing lunch. She brought us up to date on her new job and how the first couple of days have gone. It sounds as if she's settling in.

Tonight is 'Italian Night' in the restaurant so the Gorse Fox suspects it hasta be pasta.

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