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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Liquid sunshine

We have spent most of the day on the beach. Mulder and Scully joined us in a shaded spot on the east beach. It has been a tad windy again, but lovely and warm. We stopped for lunch (lying on the beach can be so tiring); but soon returned to our loungers. A snooze was in order, to overcome the exertions of the morning.

The Gorse Fox took the opportunity to sneak off for a swim and when he returned Mulder suggested we headed out on a Hobie Cat (small catamaran). The wind was still blowing hard and the heavens looked very threatening.

A huge clap of thunder interrupted our deliberations and collectively we decided to head for cover. We had timed this to perfection. Just as we got back to the covered terrace, the heavens opened. The rain (or liquid sunshine as they call it) poured down, on and off, for about an hour but now it has turned into a lovely late afternoon.

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