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Monday, May 20, 2019

The Birth of Cool

Ok, that title is misleading. Miles Davies wasn't on the stage last night. We were, however, treated to two separate jazz sessions.

Our butler, Orayne, had escorted us up to the restaurant and got us seated on the upstairs verandah. Some wine was poured and the menus presented. In the corner an attractive American girl was struggling with the concept of using a fork and was stabbing her food with it as if trying to kill it. (Why do so many people struggle with the simple etiquette of holding and manipulating a knife and fork?). In panic she realised the time and asked for her meal to be packaged up and taken to her room so that she could see the final episode of Game of Thrones. (In contrast the Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox have never watched a single episode, and haven't even switched on the TV the whole time we've been here).

The Gorse Fox started with a salad nicoise. Light, tasty, and the perfect way to start the meal... the Silver Vixen went for Camembert frit with salad. Then for entrees the Silver Vixen chose the rack of lamb while the Gorse Fox selected sole meuniere. He must say that the seafood he has had on this trip has been exceptional, but this dish topped the lot.

In the background the jazz played.

The first act alternated between flute and alto sax and set the mood beautifully. When his set finished he was replaced by a jazz guitarist (same chap as last week) and a singer. The guitar was very much in the style of George Benson (not so much Django Reinhardt this week). The singer had just come off the cruise ships, but he did a great job with plenty of classics from George Benson, Ray Charles and so forth. 

It was a really good evening's entertainment and an excellent meal.

Our last full day stretches out ahead of us. Let's see what it brings.

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