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Friday, May 17, 2019


We settled down on the terrace for Italian Night. The assistant manager came to join us and ask how things were going. Needless to say we got talking and in the end we must have spent half and hour talking about leadership and management theory. She was charming and so eager to learn and absorb ideas.

The meal itself was of the usual high standard with a large buffet selection and chefs on hand to prepare anything you wanted. It was a warm evening and, sitting by the tree, we could watch the bats hunting insects through the branches.

When we had finished we moved back to the verandah and settled down on some comfy chairs to enjoy the evening's entertainment. Initially it was the Rush Band and then they were joined by Rojjah. It was an evening of reggae and was absolutely excellent. For a change we didn't get the usual reggae classics that seem to played non-stop everywhere - in fact we even had a reggae version of Johnny B Good. We enjoyed it so much we even went along to chat to the band as they were packing up.

It will be a quiet morning today as we have to be ready at eleven for our trip to 'Firefly'.

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