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Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Robots are coming

The onward march of  AI and humanoid robots is even reaching Sandals. We had arranged to have dinner in The Royal Grill.

Our butler escorted down to our table overlooking the bay and got us a drink. He then handed over to the robot.

She takes a human female form and moves quickly and efficiently. She greets you at the table and tells you her name before conducting her way through a pre-arranged script which hasn't varied by a single syllable or verbal nuance since last week. It is clear that there are some glitches, however, as though there was only the Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox, she was still referring to us as Ladies and Gentlemen. Obviously the AI is having problems with plural and singular when there are two objects with a different gender. The robot took our order and then went on to the next table. The same introductory script was processed.

The meal was very good - some seafood ceviche to start with, followed by a very tasty steak and shrimp entree. A rich cabernet sauvignon washed it down.

The robot hummed by. Plates were cleared within a nanosecond of us finishing. The Gorse Fox could swear he saw a warning light flashing behind the eyes as we turned down the offer of a dessert. We sat and listened to the waves as the robot disappeared into the kitchen.

When we were done we headed upstairs to the terrace and made ourselves comfortable on the verandah (well out of the way of the fire dancer who would be on later). We spent the rest of the evening chatting with fellow guests and watching the entertainment.

No plans, as yet, for today. We had some very heavy rain just after 6 am as the Gorse Fox was getting ready to go to the gym, but it stopped by the time he left the room and now it is hot and sunny.

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