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Sunday, May 26, 2019


The Gorse Fox was up soon after seven. Things are, after all, back to normal.

Not a lot was scheduled for the day, but we did have football. The Gorse Fox got changed as usual and headed off to the arena. We had a couple of newcomers today. The Gorse Fox knew both of them from Worthing, but it was the first time they had joined us for Sunday. Once Jack had chosen the teams, the Gorse Fox knew he was in for a torrid time and so it turned out. We managed to score and in fact kept ourselves ahead in the first half, button the second half the flood gates open and we ended up losing 10-4.

The game was marred somewhat by one of our longstanding (and more troublesome) members getting nippy with the new lads. Unfortunately, that's the way he is when he's in a mood (which he clearly was today). The Gorse Fox was not impressed with his shirt tugging either. That's the first time he stooped to that as a way to stop the Gorse Fox.

Quiet afternoon... a large chicken is about to enter the Instant Pot as the Gorse Fox starts to consider the menu for supper.

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