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Thursday, May 30, 2019

The wheels on the bus

Well that was a bit different. As regular readers will know, we usually have Ocado deliver on Thursday mornings. Well this morning things went awry. The chap from Ocado phoned to say he had broken down after his previous delivery and was stuck. It would be at least two hours before he would be on the move again. However, he was only about 400 metres from the house as the crow flies... did we want to collect our shopping directly from the van. Well, it seemed like a good idea so the Gorse Fox trotted round with the car and he loaded the boot with all our shopping. Everything was done and packed away before 10 o'clock. All in all it worked quite well.

The Gorse Fox had an appointment at the chiropodist in Chichester. He was due there at the same time that Cousteau-Cub started work. We decided to make a family outing of it and the Silver Vixen came along with Ellie. She just loved the bus and kept muttering "this is amazing" much to our amusement.

It's been a relatively quiet afternoon. After Ellie's sleep she played in the sandpit destroying sandcastles. She's busy flooding the bathroom again at present.

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