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Tuesday, May 07, 2019


Well the Canon ink arrived today and clicked into place without incident. The printer is now working again. A lesson well learnt.

The day has been spent fiddling with various technology, getting batteries charged, getting cables ready, and reviewing the Silver Vixen's tablet. The conclusion from the latter was that it would be pointless to cart it around as she finds it too heavy to hold comfortably when reading, and it is so slow. The upshot is that we dropped into John Lewis and bought her a new 2019 iPad Mini. The Gorse Fox was very impressed with the iPad setup. It was just a matter of moving the Silver Vixen's phone near to the new device and typing the unlock code.... and off it went.

Cousteau-Cub had an interview for a job today. It seemed to go well but we'll have to see what happens. No decisions until the end of the week apparently.

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