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Monday, May 16, 2022


 The started with a few showers but it soon brightened up and we had a sunny and warm afternoon. Urban-Cub dropped Ellie off, as usual. She had only just woken up and still hadn't quite switched into gear. It didn't take long, however, until she war usual sparkly self.

It was a fairly quiet day. The Silver Vixen had to collect some prescriptions from the pharmacy and then got on with some ironing. The Gorse Fox had to catch up on a few chores then check the meters. This was the first time since the switch to Smart Metering. The numbers were plugged into the spreadsheet and, with the adaptations he made last week, showed the consumption in the required manner. The Gorse Fox didn't want to start from scratch with the new meters as he had nearly 8 years of data. One comparison the spreadsheet handles is the current month's consumption in comparison to the same month in the previous year. It was good to see that both the consumption of both gas and electricity was down on last year.

We collected Ellie from school and had a couple of hours with her before Urban-Cub collected her. The Silver Vixen helped her with some more reading while the Gorse Fox prepared her dinner. She is making good progress and beginning to sound out words that she has never encountered before.

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