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Monday, March 27, 2023

Back to the past

 There was no need to set the alarm. Ellie was at home and Urban-cub was not going to work until later. The Gorse Fox wandered around the corner to meet them and escort them to school.

Back home, it was time for coffee and some toast before the Gorse Fox grabbed the spot cleaner to deal with several marks left by Jasper over the weekend. Fortunately, they cleaned up nicely. The rest of the morning was spent editing the blog extract for 2011. It's almost finished; there's just one week to process. Meanwhile, the Silver Vixen was doing some ironing for Ellie and then wrapping her presents in preparation for Wednesday.

We had a quiet hour after lunch and then the Gorse Fox went to collect Ellie from school and take her to the park to let off steam before bringing her home. She's getting ready for bed as the Gorse Fox writes this, and will be staying with us overnight.

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