Thursday, May 07, 2015


Well it seems that Cousteau-cub has been woken two night running by earthquakes off the coast. The biggest was only 4 point something, and last night's was only 3.9, but even still it shakes you up a bit (so to speak). She's fine, and the Coventry-Hobbit slept through it.

Talking of C-c, she had the chance to meet up with Agent Mulder. He's over in Thailand to see his daughter, Laura, who is travelling at present. They decided to meet up and take a few "beach days". They headed for Koh Lanta and made sure that they saw C-c. Photo on FB looks as if they were all pretty fit.

SV and the GF, back here in UK, did their duty and voted then headed off to Portsmouth. GF wanted some more football kit and the local stores in Chi really didn't seem to stock what he wanted. At Gunwharf Quays there are outlets for both Adidas and Nike. We checked out the former, then the latter. GF decided he preferred the material from which the Adidas kit was manufactured... so headed back there. He was also delighted to find that he was size "L" rather than "XL" as he has been for the past few years.

We stopped for lunch in an American Diner called "Coast to Coast". Fairly typical menu for a diner, but must admit the food was excellent. Also, the portions were so big that we had to request doggy bags to bring back what we couldn't manage.

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