Friday, May 01, 2015


We visited "Architectural Plants" today. This is a fabulous spread just north of Pulborough. They specialise in large trees and shrubs - and though they have recently re-located to this site they are looking very well organised and their plants are looking great. We were only looking, today. We are looking for a couple of small trees for the garden. Trees that will fit in with our design and provide us a bit of screening. We found several candidates for our shortlist, though GF was a little disappointed by the selection of Acers on show.

From Architectural Plants we headed across to Ashington to our old favourite "Big Plants". The site isn't so impressive, but the selection and quality of Acers was exceptional.

We wandered around for ages looking at the choice. Once we have the landscapers sorted and they have a schedule, we will return to choose our specimen. As we were there, it seemed a shame not to pick up a small specimen that we can keep in a pot for now, so we have an Acer Palmatum Beni Komachi.

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