Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nothing to see here

It has been a quiet day again. GF played 8 ten-minute games of football this morning and was only on the losing side for 2 of them.

Back home, Urban-cub was visiting and joined us for lunch. SV had been trying out the Orangery as a Pilates studio, using the newly set-up TV and media facilities to play one of her Pilates DVDs. Evidently the experiment was quite successful.

After some recent correspondence with some distant cousins, GF spent some time editing an old family photo to provide the captions that identify each of the faces. There are still a few faces missing, but slowly we are identifying all of them.

GF needs to find a suitable video editor for the Mac. He is used to several on the old PC, but needs to find something he can use more conveniently on the Mac and Macbook. Lightworks looks like the best option at the moment, but GF will have a learning curve.

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