Sunday, July 15, 2007

After Eight

The Gorse Fox has been "tagged" by the inestimable Gray Monk. It is now beholding on him to respond to the challenge... and to provide eight random things about his mysterious persona.

MMMmmmm, where to start?

  1. The Gorse Fox spent 4 of his formative years training to be a Brother (monk) in a teaching order.
  2. The last year of that training was spent very happily in Rhode Island, where among other things he learnt the pleasures of good pizza, the hard work of clearing logs in a forest, and how to skate, play ice hockey, play volleyball, and play American Football.
  3. Realising he did not have a vocation he returned to England, took A-Levels, went to College and met the Silver Vixen (who was working at a pub whilst waiting to start her nursing training). In an effort to get to know her GF took a job as assistant manager at the pub - just as she left.
  4. GF missed the Silver Vixen's 18th Birthday Party in order to go to a Led Zeppelin Concert
  5. GF wrote the software for the first computer-compiled English dictionary (and had his name in the credits on the fly-leaf of the first two editions).
  6. GF designed the computing infrastructure that delivers the BBC World Service
  7. GF can't watch any horror films - nor indeed any film where the family are used a victims. Family is too precious
  8. GF is one of the world's optimists, and can usually find humour in anything. He would like his obituary to say "Nice man, always smiling".
    However, he hates - with a passion - "isms". "isms" are a collective description that are used to label groups or group-thinking. Gorse Fox believes in "Respect for the Individual" and thinks that if we all live by that code, "isms" will disappear.
Well... that's it from GF. Now who should tag? He thinks the monster at The Boston IT Party, Mark at Blognor Regis, and James at Whatsthatsmell.

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