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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sun set

Well after a few more experiments GF decided to try and download the errant software to his Linux machine. This proved interesting as it revealed that Sun's download server was down for maintenance... as opposed to just providing a "Fatal Exception". (Well being a Sun machine you have to expect it to need a lot of maintenance).

Giving up, GF went back to Source Forge and looked for another software stack. He chose vTiger, downloaded it, et voila - it worked. GF has now spent several hours playing with this and configuring it to meet the Silver Vixen's requirements. Greay fun... and it seems quite impressive! It is a CRM system built on Apache and mySQL. It uses a browser interface and seems to be very configurable... of course, being Open Source you can always change the base code if you wish.

Whilst on the subject of Software, GF had to chuckle on reading a report on the new AIX release. It claims that IBM was copying Sun Microsystems in its use of Virtualisation (LPARS)... Splutter!!! Excuse moi!!! IBM have been using virtualisation of machine environments since CP67 was developed in (would you believe) 1967. When will these journalists do some basic research?

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