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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Overcome with a modicum of sense (not something for which the Gorse Fox is known) it was agreed that the Silver Vixen would make her way home with Sue. (Sue is another member of the Worthing Coven who attended the Quilt Show yesterday, at Malvern). Gorse Fox has to be back here it Worcester first thing on Monday, and this arrangement means that he doesn't need to start at the crack of dawn to come back up here.

The hotel kindly extended the GF's room and so all is sorted. Well, not quite. GF needs clothes for work for the next few days... and so Gf and the Silver Vixen went off to await the opening of Marks & Spencer and a wander through the men's department. That done, it was back to the room to dump the shopping and plan the trip to drop SV in Cheltenham to meet Sue.

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