Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Soft Reset

We have a history of TV's failing at Christmas time. The Gorse Fox just got a call from The Silver Vixen (who is downstairs) saying the TV had frozen.

Sure enough, the Sky box was not responding to any commands and the image on the screen had frozen. Fortunately it was clear that the TV was ok, and that the problem was isolated to the Sky box. The Gorse Fox has seen this problem before and remembered Googling it for an answer. Once again Google cam u trumps. A soft reset was all that was needed. Ten minutes later, The Silver Vixen was back in business.

Note to self: When unplugging & re-plugging the Sky box, make sure you pick up the right plug. It saves a lot of panic when no lights come on because you have plugged in the DVD player instead of the Sky box. Doh!

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