Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cider with Trudy

The Gorse Fox had been looking forward to the football. There were 9 of us, so it would be 5-v-4, but no matter. We started to warm up. That was where it started to go wrong. The Gorse Fox tweaked a muscle in his groin. This, not only hurt, it also prevented him from kicking with his right leg. The game hadn't even started! Determined to make the most of game, the Gorse Fox played in goal. That way he could hobble back and forth and clear the ball with his left foot. In the end he ended up on the winning side.

Back home a text message arrived. Beer at the Pink Pub. Seemed like a good idea. We joined with the neighbours and headed off for a pint. The Silver Vixen tried the warm cider, and the Gorse Fox the Rockin' Rudolf bitter. Several pints later we wandered home. It had been a lovely, if unexpected, diversion from the normal Sunday agenda.

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