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Sunday, September 01, 2019

Still Suffering

Apparently, Ellie is still suffering and said: "Mummy I want to be better now". Somehow you wish you could take it away from her, but realise we all have to go through this minor illnesses as we grow up.

The Gorse Fox was up first this morning and had a quiet hour looking at some old photos from his cousin John. These included a wedding group from the Gorse Fox's grandparent's wedding. They were very interesting as he hadn't seen them before. He kept up the forensic examination of the snaps until he had to leave for football.

We had a good 6-v-5, 5-v-6 game today. The sides looked a little lopsided from the start, and so it turned out. The Gose Fox was on the weaker of the two teams and we were under the cosh from the very start. At half-time, we managed to hold the score at 4-2, and by the end, it had doubled to 8-4. The Gorse Fox did manage to contribute one goal to the tally.

Back home, the Silver Vixen and Cousteau-cub have been at the shops this afternoon while the Gorse Fox has made a start on tonight's supper.

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