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Friday, September 06, 2019

Here and There

The pattern continues.

There was some admin to start the day then the Gorse Fox pottered around with some domestic chores. Once Cousteau-Cub was ready we stopped off via the doctor's surgery to get a repeat prescription sorted out and then took the back road into Chichester.

The Gorse Fox arrived at the hospital just in time to see the Silver Vixen's cubicle closed as she started on some physio, then as she finished we were both "enrolled" into the group physio until she was called for a CT Scan. The Gorse Fox went with her as she was wheeled through the labyrinth that is St Richard's Hospital. She didn't have to wait long for the scan, but it did seem like quite a wait for the return journey.

The Gorse Fox left her on the ward and headed to Chichester Cars. They were going to try and diagnose the problem with the wheel. There was a short wait so the Gorse Fox made use of the time to go and see the Ford service department and then the Skoda dealer. The Ford service department were in chaos, but at least he got agreement to leave the car with them over the weekend - this simplifies the arrangement for Monday trip to Bournemouth with Cousteau-Cub. He then went to Skoda. It appears that our sales chappie has left the company, and we have a new guy, Toby, who will handle our order. The order itself has not yet been allocated a build week, but is likely to be beginning of November. Let's hope "Brexit" does't play a hand in this.

Back at the hospital, the Gorse Fox spent the rest of the day and evening with the Silver Vixen, leaving only when it was time to collect Cousteau-Cub from work. The Silver Vixen is feeling pretty pleased with herself as she has managed to walk a few steps with the walker, and is able to get out of bed and sit fairly comfortably in a chair. If only the demented souls in her ward would settle at night and allow her to get some sleep, she might actually feel a bit better.

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