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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Matron would be pleased. The Silver Vixen continues to make excellent progress and the Gorse Fox continues to try and provide whatever support is necessary (with the exception of injections, which are left to the District Nurse).

There isn't really much to report as we have just been getting on with her recuperation today. This afternoon Urban-cub and Ellie popped in for a couple of hours to see Nana. The Gorse Fox took the opportunity to whizz around to Sainsbury's for some bits and pieces but was soon back. We spent the afternoon enjoying the warm autumn sunshine in the back garden as Ellie pottered from one pursuit to another as the whim took her.

Urban-cub has managed to sort out cover for Ellie such that we do not have to factor her into our plans until after Christmas. This takes the pressure of the Silver Vixen and allows her to heal at her own rate without the pressure of "being ready" for a session as G-Force.

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