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Saturday, September 14, 2019


The question of the day is "Is a sick Condor the same as an ill Eagle?".

Well the Gorse Fox isn't sure it's illegal, but it's certainly a real pain. Condor has crashed several times today and the new SSD drive didn't turn up until late afternoon for the Gorse Fox to start looking for some form of remediation. The Gorse Fox is now cloning the drive to the new SSD in the hope that he'll get a new, uncorrupted version that he can use while sorting out the failing drive. It's been fiddly, and it's been slow, but it is copying. (The Carbon Copy Clone app has reported that the disk is flagging errors so the Gorse Fox is moderately confident that if he can get a clean copy, he'll be ok).

In the real world, the Silver Vixen is making good progress and spent and hour or so out in the sunshine this afternoon. We've heard from Cousteau-Cub and the Coventry Hobbit and they have seen the sights/sites of Pisa and were ready to head, via Florence, to their hotel. We haven't yet heard from Urban-Cub today, but we did get a "WhatsApp" yesterday evening.

We are enjoying the peace and quiet and the fact that we only have to please ourselves.

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