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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Grand Theft - Supporting the Bone Idle


Today is the day I will sit at my computer and assist the Inland Revenue in the annual theft of huge chunks of my assets.

Apparently, as an honest middle class worker, it is my duty to support myself and my family, and also:

  • the bone idle who can't be bothered to work
  • the families who have decided "benefits" are more lucrative than honest work, and sit around all day smoking themselves to death and watching low-IQ TV.
  • a Civil Service that growse exponentially.
  • Saint Tony Blair's travel, and entertainment
  • the most venal, corrupt, self-serving government of the past 50 years
  • the broken NHS
  • lame duck "politically correct" teachers
  • the educationalists that have so systematically destroyed the future of our country by creating the two generations of students who are less well educated than their parents.

Now, whilst I'm on "lists", what I don't mind paying for is:

  • Pensioners who have been let down by the state (i.e. most of them)
  • Pensioners who have had their pension funds plundered by Gordon Brown
  • People who are (genuinely) unable to work through sickness or disability
  • People who (genuinely) arrive in our country seeking protection from persecution in their own lands
  • Good nurses and doctors
  • Good, inspirational teachers

Now all I have to do is go and slam my fingers in the door, stub my toe, and poke myself in the eye with a compass... and I'll be in the right frame of mind to do my tax.

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