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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Reducing Energy Consumption

Gorse Fox does think there is a simple action that will save a considerable amount of energy - repeal this inane nonsense whereby the clocks are changed in October and doom us all to an extra unnecessary hour of artificial light every evening.

The usual arguments against are:
  • Danger to schoolchildren in the mornings and then they role out the apocryphal story of a rise in accidents when they did experiment with the idea.
    This story is completely untrue and has no basis in fact.
  • Something about Scottish Farmers working in the dark.
    This makes no sense whatsoever. There is still the same amount of daylight, whatever the clocks say and for 60M of us to be plunged prematurely into darkness for the sake of a few farmers in the far north is a ridiculous concept and a eco-subsidy that is not justified.
In case you're worried that GF has become an eco-mentalist he would assure you he hasn't - he does, however, recognise unnecessary waste and pollution and thinks that is wrong. It's a matter of stewardship.

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