Monday, October 26, 2015

Taxing times

The Gorse Fox has returned to his tax form. A brief call to the HMRC helpline provided the guidance that Gorse Fox required. (They seem to get a lot of criticism, but every time Gorse Fox has had to call them he has been dealt with promptly and efficiently... no complaints from this quarter). The problem then expanded to Starfleet. It was clear that there was form missing. Gorse Fox had to track that down. A call to Pensions, then a call to Payroll, then a call to the EU Payroll help desk, then finally he was instructed to send an email to the P11D department id... Gorse Fox had no idea there was a P11D department! Anyway, job done and he now awaits the form.

Meanwhile the Gorse Fox was looking at some outside lights. he has a couple, and thought he might get a couple more. He looked on the website - the particular model he wanted worked out at £18.50. He thought he'd sleep on it. A couple of days later he got one of his regular emails from the supplier. The email contained a voucher for a 20% discount. Gorse Fox returned to website. This would be a good deal.


The return visit to the website showed the price had risen to £24.50. This, the Gorse Fox thought, was a wind up. He will not be getting of the lights.

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