Sunday, October 04, 2015


The Gorse Fox is between project phases so made the most of the opportunity to play some football. It was a strenuous 5-a-side. The Gorse Fox's team was the weaker which made the work a lot harder. The Gorse Fox did manage to score several goals, and stopped quite a few, but still ended up on the losing side.

Thinking of the next phase of the project, the Gorse Fox had find some spacers tat would holder the ledger board away from the house and allow water to drain down between the house and the new deck. The recommendation is 10mm. Finding 10mm spacers with an internal diameter of 12mm is a challenge. The solution was simple, and suggested by a neighbour. The Gorse Fox bought some 15mm copper pipe and cut it into 10mm lengths. Voila, we have spacers.

Now we just await the delivery of the wood tomorrow.

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