Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cleaning up

The football went well this morning. Gf is slowly getting back into it after his lay-off. He still seems to lack power in his left leg. No doubt it will return with practice. The Gorse Fox was victim of a rule change today. After seeing a gap open up in front of him, he fired in a shot from the edge of his own goal area. The goal counted, but it was then decided that you had to be in the attacking half in order to score. Gf didn't score any more, but assisted several in our 9-7 win.

The Silver Vixen had got spring clean fever. GF got back to find her going through the house like a white tornado. He helped where he could with some shifting and washing... but knows that when in this mode it is best to make space.

GF chatted with Cousteau-cub this morning. Good to know all is well out there. He was explaining that a social evening with the neighbours is scheduled, and she pointed out that it was on GF's retirement-versary; one year to the day since he retired. What better excuse to have a bit of a do? So far all the neighbours are up for it... but there are still a couple GF hasn't had a chance to talk with.

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