Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Better and better

The football this morning was much better. It was quite warm and GF managed to work up quite a lather. He defended well and his passing was back on target again. After an hour it was honours-even at 5-5.
Gorse Fox was amused by a new player. He arrived early and introduced himself and went on to explain that he was going to "give it a try" but suspected it wouldn't suit him as he was "still quite fit". GF grinned and wondered what his assessment would be at the end.
By half time, he was gasping for breath and asking to go in goal for the second half. At the end he was bright red, sweating profusely, and wondering what had just happened. A lesson, perhaps, for anyone that thinks walking football is a gentle, pedestrian, pass time.

Back home, GF got back to plans for the Thailand trip.  Having done all the basic research he called the agents that he has used in the past. The same agent was there that he dealt with two years ago. GF gave him the parameters and asked if he could equal them - or at least come close. GF would prefer to use the agency as it gives some degree of cover should anything crop up. (Like a delay due to volcanic activity - which is what happened during our first trip in 2010). We await his response.

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