Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blue and Yellow

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet.

Rumour has it that IKEA are going to build a store nearby. Silver Vixen decided that we couldn't wait that long. There was a small mesh shelving stack that she wanted for the utility room - and IKEA had just the thing.

Along with half the population of Hampshire we began to shuffle through this museum of Scandinavian design (there was no audio commentary to explain the exhibits - nor provide historical background). As we progressed, we picked up various booty, and dodged the occasional trolls and goblins that hid amongst the various level and caves. It was like one of the old computer adventure games - without the eye-strain and carpal-tunnel syndrome.

With all of our booty finally collected we joined the famous IKEA queue and watched our remaining lives ebb away as we inched closer to a check-out. Finally, having parted with some coins of the realm, we managed to escape and head back to the relative calm of Sussex.

A new ASDA store has opened on the main road, near Ferring. We stopped there on the way back - a few observations:

  • its bright
  • prices seem keen
  • if you want to find actors to play trolls or zombies - just check any aisle
  • if you want to see why, geologically, the south coast is sinking - just check the average weight of the shoppers

Gorse Fox is sure it will settle once the novelty has worn off.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We did Ikea last week...It always seems like such a nice concept before you actually arrive.

(And I hope to hell they don't plop one down next to Asda - as rumour has it - as it will put the entire West Sussex coast in gridlock. Not to mention the 700+ houses they plan on building between the super Tesco and the A27.)

- James