Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Dodging Drops

We woke up to heavy rain. It had clearly been a very wet night and the rain was lingering into the morning. Jasper was disgusted - he refuses to go out when it's wet and sulks. As he sits there shooting accusing looks at the Gorse Fox he begins an ongoing diatribe of cat curses. The Gorse Fox takes it in good heart and tries to stop the rain - but finds it isn't in his control, strangely.

Slowly the rain blew on through. By the time the Gorse Fox left for football, it had stopped. The winds hadn't died down - just the rain.  The football was a bit sparse. Only 16 instead players of the usual 28-30. Teams were formed and the Gorse Fox knew immediately he was in for a hard day. In fact we were 5-0 down within the first five or ten minutes. The goalie was not having a good day as he let three balls through his legs - and threw another over the line by accident. Slowly the Gorse Fox got a grip and we steed the flow.

In the second hour there were only 8 of us. We moved to a five-a-side cage and played a variation of the usual game. We played 4-a-side with no goalkeepers - but you could only score from inside the goal area. This was a nice variation... and the Gorse Fox ended up on the winning side. Not sure what the score was, but we were so far ahead that we stopped counting.

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