Friday, January 06, 2017


The electrician rocked up at about 9:30. This was a couple of hours earlier than planned, but that was not a problem. The old oven and old combo-oven were removed along with various drawers and the fun began.

The oven had to be re-wired as it had, evidently, been done badly when the house was built. This was then moved to the new 16A circuit demanded by the new oven. Then the existing microwave circuit was moved to handle the hob, and the hob circuit was re-run through to the the combi. This again was protected by a 16A circuit. (The Gorse Fox, in consultation with the electrician, drew diagrams). The electrics were now ready to receive the new equipment when delivered in about 10 days.

The electrician and his apprentice were only young - but were very conscientious, clean, polite, and clearly competent. The Gorse Fox has kept their details on file - he knows who to call if work is needed in the future.

The big disadvantage to this work was that we had to switch off the power temporarily. This meant that the Gorse Fox's private blog server actually shut down for the first time in about 180 days. Shame.... he was hoping to keep it going and see how long it would run without intervention.

While the oven housing unit was empty, the Gorse Fox took the opportunity to measure the niches where each of the new devices will be housed.

The "technician" (and the Gorse Fox uses that word with a degree of sarcasm) from John Lewis had assured him that the middle shelf would have to be moved up by 5mm to accommodate the new oven. Looking at the way the housing was constructed, this was clearly going to be a problem. The Gorse Fox completed his measurements.

Referring to the Neff website, the GF checked on the specifications of the new devices. This turned out to be a smart move. The technician clearly didn't know what he was talking about, or just didn't want to do the job. The aperture we have in the existing housing meets all of the Neff specifications. No modifications are required.

The Gorse Fox is both relieved and irritated. Relieved that everything should fit, and irritated that the "technician" didn't know his job (despite phoning his "auditor" for confirmation).

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