Wednesday, January 04, 2017


We had planned a trip to Southampton with Urban-Cub. This was intended as an opportunity to get her (belated) Christmas present (in the sales), and to pick up a wardrobe she had ordered for her new house from IKEA.

We had a trouble-free run across and decided to stop first at Babies-R-Us. There "equipment" that would soon be required. There was bedding, there were mats, there was a bath, there was a "travel system", and who knows what else. We wandered round checking out every item in the store and picking up those deemed appropriate. The Silver Vixen and Urban-Cub seemed satisfied. We had got everything that we had intended - and those items that were out of stock would have to be ordered online and delivered.

The Gorse Fox then started a variation of the game Tetris. In this case it wasn't blocks that were coming down and had to be stacked - it was all of the items that had piled up by the checkout. The back seat of the car was lowered. Boxes started piling in, and slowly but surely the car sank on its shock absorbers (much as the credit cards had a few minutes earlier). IKEA would have to wait. There was no further room for the wardrobe. In fact there was no further room for an envelope (if it had a stamp on it).

We set off home, stopping off at Urban-Cub's new house to unload. It had been a success.

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