Sunday, January 01, 2017

Clean slate

Happy New Year

A new year begins - a clean slate on which to write the story of mankind. The Gorse Fox hopes that this is a chapter that makes mankind proud. A chapter where we move together instead of wallowing in our differences. A chapter where the cowards of ISIS lay down their weapons. A chapter where we focus on our strengths and opportunities instead of spreading fear and uncertainty.

We saw the New Year in with the Sonning Crew. It was a lovely evening where we sat and chatted and joked while waiting for the Chinese food to be delivered. Then we sat down to the feast and enjoyed the variety of dishes that had been selected. While we were with the Sonning Crew, Urban Cub was back at home. Her cold wasn't shifting and she just wanted to stay put and get an early night.

At midnight we watched the fireworks from London - these were the best that Gorse Fox had seen. The last few years have been very similar - but this year they had clearly had a rethink and had been re-choreographed.

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