Friday, October 07, 2016

Swap round

As autumn has set in the Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen have migrated from "the South Wing" (Orangery) to the "North Wing" (Living Room) in the evenings. The temperature drops fairly quickly when the sun goes down, and though we have underfloor heating in the South Wing, we haven't switched it on yet. The upshot is that we now watch TV in the North Wing - which stays comfortably warm.

The swapping of location meant that the Gorse Fox had to switch the set top boxes round. Along with Sky, we also have BT TV. There is a basic set top box and a more sophisticated one with a built in recorder. The recorder needed to be swapped into the Living Room and the basic box relegated to the Orangery. This took a little longer than expected as the box wouldn't, at first, register properly with the TV. Eventually, everything was sorted and the Gorse Fox went through a rationalised some old recordings.

We had a quiet afternoon wandering around the shops in Chichester. There was no particular target or list - just a gentle wander and bit of window-shopping. We did stop for a coffee and scone at The Real Eating Company - but were quite disappointed, for the second time. Considering it was quiet, the tables still needed clearing and the scones were dry and tasteless. Will have to stick with Costa in the future.

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