Monday, October 10, 2016


The Gorse Fox was up early-ish. He and Jasper had an hour or two before we were joined by Urban-cub and then The Silver Vixen. It was Urban-cub's last day before going back to work so it was likely to be punctuated with last minute tasks and preparations.

The Gorse Fox decided to bite the bullet and update the iMac "Condor" to the latest release of the operating system "Sierra". This took about an hour, but seemed to go flawlessly. How different from all of the Windows upgrades over the years. Everything just carried on working and, so far, the Gorse Fox has not had to intervene over any issue. There do no appear to have been any.

He may be getting a bit over-enthusiastic, but has decided to upgrade one of the MacBooks to Sierra, also.

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