Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Play Nicely

After the tension and unpleasantness of last week's football, today was a total contrast. Cruncher-John and Krakatoa-Jack had kissed and made up. Cruncher-John had agreed to play to the rules - with no tackling from behind and no contact. In addition we had a ref and he enforced the "no-running" rule. This made for a very pleasant hour - thought the Gorse Fox was on the losing side by a score of 2-1.

A word about the ref. This was Big Dave (and ex Coldstream Guard). On Sunday, he fell whilst playing and put out his had to steady himself. He caught his hand in the netting at the side of the pitch and his moment dragged him down anyway. The Nylon netting cut into his hand slicing a huge chunk of flesh from his finger. This took some immediate patching up at the sports centre, some interim patching up at A&E, and a trip to a plastic surgeon the following day to insert 25 stitches. His arm is strapped up across his chest at the moment - and hopefully all will be well. (Note to self - the surface is 3G - take the fall, don't use you hands to intervene).

Very windy afternoon, but the sun is beating down. Glorious.

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