Saturday, October 15, 2016


Gosh, what a grey and dark start to the day. Fortunately it brightened up and by mid morning the sun was out (as it should be here on the South Coast). It has turned into a lovely day.

Various crates that have been cluttering the Gorse Fox's study have finally found their way into the loft storage along with a suitcase which had been hanging around since Urban-cub's holiday. The Gorse Fox has also been very domestic and used the new floor cleaner in the kitchen and family room. This is proving to do a very good job. The Gorse Fox just hopes it continues to work satisfactorily; he has, of course, completed and submitted the guarantee (just in case).

The Sonning Crew are scheduled to meet for dinner this evening. One expects that the odd glass of wine may be consumed along with a fine Chinese meal. Good job the Gorse Fox has football in the morning to run it off.

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