Friday, October 14, 2016


We had ordered a VAX machine to vacuum, wash, and dry the floors. This arrived yesterday and The Gorse Fox thought he'd better give it a whirl. The reviews seemed a little mixed. Some claimed it would save the world, others that it was a pile of junk. Only time would tell. The Gorse Fox filled up the tank and  used the machine to do the floor in the Orangery. There's a bit of a knack to it, but once mastered it seemed to do a very good job. Flushed with success he later did the hallway - again, a superb result and clear evidence in the waste water that was sucked up, that it had indeed cleaned the floor. Seems like a good result.

The Silver Vixen had ordered a book and a phone call had alerted us that Waterstones now had it in Chichester. We pottered into town for a few hours - the book was examined, deemed to be just what was wanted, and purchased. Then we went to the Opticians to make an appointment for January for the Silver Vixen to have her eyes re-checked. Boots don't seem to have mastered the idea of calendars. It is completely beyond them to book an appointment next year, and they suggest we should try again in November or December - but can't be sure when. (So much for technology).

A coffee and snack in Costa saw The Gorse Fox use Apple Pay for the first time. He was eager to try it, and as there nobody else waiting in line, this seemed like the ideal opportunity. Took a few moments to work out what to do, but it went through without any drama. We also dropped in to Vodafone and looked at the options for replacing the Silver Vixen's phone. The chap was very thorough and it looks as if we could probably do an upgrade at no net change to her current contract. No decisions were taken - but it gives food for thought,

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